If you thought the “keytar” went out with other 80s fads like legwarmers, think again. Roland not only still makes keytars, they’ve actually upgraded the tech. It seems some keyboardists still don’t want to be exiled behind a wall of keyboards while the guitarists get all the babes. “Just strap it on and you’re front-of-stage with the band,” says Roland. (At least, I HOPE they’re talking about the keytar.)

The modern Roland AX-7 has a General MIDI/GS soundbank (I love the 90s, too!), 45-note keyboard, touch controller, expression bar, and — here’s the nifty part — infrared “D Beam” sensors so you can wave your hands in the air in front of it. Just in case you needed your keytar to be MORE geeky. Because it’s not the 80s anymore, though, the keytar now scores a kitsch factor, and that’s priceless.

  • Indicator

    I used to want one of these (the red one) so bad when I was a kid. I remember seeing a friend play a Yamaha keytar early on in my childhood.

    Boy am I glad I never bought one!

    For a truly unique, musical, alternative controller, may I direct you to the cream of the crop: http://www.zendrum.com – Lose the keytar – get a Zendrum. Now that is COOL.

  • Guest

    I've owned an AX-7 for a couple of years. Nice responsive piece of gear and will stand up to getting banged around. Forget doing anything that counts with the D-beam, and the touch controller's a bit dinky. But you have 3 controllers in reach of your left hand … & it's a lot less geeky than sitting in front of a Starship Console wearing your favorite fur.

  • Guest

    over the last little while (month?) I've been thinking about these things, unaware of current models, and wondering if there was something like this but more geared up for doing more signal processing stuff? like loop mashing and stuff… I suppose you could manage it somehow…

  • Guest

    man is this great…I love it. I play it everyday in my band, monstralia. We are gonna hit it big pretty soon and this just puts us one more step ahead of the competition, if you can even call it that.

  • Guest

    :grin Honestly, I would love to have one. I might considering buying something like this.

  • Guest

    Keytars re so cool!! i'm not a geek…well a least i don't think so, i am 15 and wasn't born in the eighties but i definetly do love keytars!! i'm doing a project in music class the ut line says any instrument you want, i did the keytar. if anyone has any good info, or kool pics semd them to me or post them on this website (i'm cookiez_yumm@hotmail.com) thank you! :grin

  • Guest

    i seriously want one of these suckas…many a people try to convince me that they are silly and not worth the money…it aint gonna happen im going to buy one as soon as i get some money! πŸ˜‰

  • Guest


  • Guest

    hey does anyone know if there are still red keytars around for sale? I heard that Roland stopped producing their red one. If anyone one knows please email me at info@musictogether.it

  • Guest

    jj – Look on eBay. The red one is their old model, the AX-1. Keytar is DIFFERENT! Other than being a hand held keyboard it is NOTHING like this. Keytar had no MIDI (it was pre-MIDI) and had it's own sounds. The AX series has NO sounds and is a MIDI controller ONLY.

    Guest of 4/23/05 – You are a TWIT! Zendrum is a controller only and best suited for percussion – THIS IS A KEYBOARD!

  • jaime

    This keytar is the shit! I got one used for 200 bucks! My band loves it and its a super lady magnet!

  • Brian

    i'm 17 and play keyboard but its so annoying being stuck sort of behind the scenes, i wanna jump around and stuf while still playing, i'm saving for a keytar at the moment, not sure where i will get one though ^^

  • Keytars kick ass! me and my friends are forming a sort of new wave-techno-rock band and i needed somthing cool to play.. im probably gonna get a grey yamaha SHS-10 – not only 'cause i suck at guitar, but there's also the "WTF?" factor from people who have never heard of a keytar….

  • HEY…I REALLY want one of these…but im and blown away at its price…is there any other models that are cheaper?

  • Eve

    I bought one last christmas (or rather my parents bought it). The Guest from Nov. 9th is right, there are no sounds on it, it simply controls sounds that you pump through it via Midi. I didn't know this when i bought it, so i'm finally getting a sound module from Korg this Xmas, because i've been playing it through a keyboard and umm its kinda silly to have a keyboard plugged into another keyboard!. Don't expect anything great from the D-beam accept a silly noise that comes out when you turn it on, the interface is a bit quirky, i'd read the manual. Otherwise great buy!

  • Martin

    Good morning, my name is Martin. I´d like to ask if somebody knows where would I buy a keytar (Roland AX 7). I know the Roland AX 7 production has been finished, but still I´m looking for it. Thank you very much for any response. Thanks a lot!! Martin, Prague

  • Martin

    Good morning, my name is Martin. I´d like to ask if somebody knows where would I buy a keytar (Roland AX 7). I know the Roland AX 7 production has been finished, but still I´m looking for it. Thank you very much for any response. Thanks a lot!! Martin, Prague

    My contact mail: EQUINOXE4@SEZNAM.CZ

  • Guest

    Hey, I REALLY want to get a keytar, I have a question, would I be able to find a Keytar if I went to my nearist Music Shop?? Please Respond to my question thanks:D

  • No, they are almost impossible to find new, good luck. i have two, might be intrested in selling one for $500 still in package never opened.

  • Guys Please help me… i really need one of these keytars and would love to buy… anyone selling or knows where to get them please tell me! thank you

  • Sambo

    Hi I'm looking for a keytar,it can be new or second hand,just let me know if someone sells one!

  • Jesse

    I own a red AX-1 in mint condition. It's been in a hard case for about 10 years, although from time to time I take it out to make sure it's still working. I bought it used, but the guy said he never really used it, and it showed. I only used it a few times and took really good care of it. If there are any people interested in buying it, make me an offer and I might consider selling it. You can't find these on ebay, you can probably find the AX-7 which is white, that's the model Borat uses on one of the deleted scenes on the DVD. Let me know.

  • Clinton

    This message is for Jesse,

    What color is you Keytar and what is your asking price? We know that we can get one fronm this website for $495-500 dollars. So what kinda offer are you looking for? Of course, i would need to see a photo of it, to see its condition before purchase. here is my first bid:$400.00. I will check this board everyday for 1 week from today for your answer or wait for an email.

  • This is for Guest23,

    I'm willing to pay @450.00-$500.00 for a Roland AX-7..If you serious about selling one your Keytars. You can reach me through my email:missnclint06@yahoo.com..

    I am quite serious!

  • wes

    i wish they still made them… i guess ill just have to buy a keyboard instead

  • Andrew S

    Hi everyone. I'm willing to pay $550-$600 for a Roland Ax-7. I'm definately serious and you can contact me at charterjazz@hotmail.com

  • stranger

    Showbread has one of these. This very same one I believe. Check'em out.

  • Guest

    I am looking at a keytar but i realize the ax-1 and ax-7 both are midi only and dont produce sounds. I am a keyboard player but am not really big in the Midi scene. If i wanted to listen to my keytar while i am playing (like a guitar amp) what would i could i have to buy or if there are any other alternatives that would be great!

  • Emil

    Hey I live in england and am quite frankly gutted at the fact that roland have stopped producing these portable dream machines. The real question is: has anyone got either an ax-1 or an ax-7 that they are selling and can send to the UK? if they do can you please get in contact with me at emilallard6@hotmail.com or write to me on http://www.myspace.com/emilallardmusic, because life is too short for me not to own one of these little gems and it'd do wonders for my live work.

    cheers guys


  • gary

    been loojing for onr /so let me know ehere i can get one at

  • gee lynn

    my birthday is comming up an mywife want to purchase one for me . so could you help me find one

  • where can i buy one of these i really really want one πŸ™ emails me peggylou_65@hotmail.com

    orr http://www.myspace.com/peggylou65

    thanksss πŸ™‚ xxxxxxxxx

  • Are there any left handed keytars?

  • Forget Keytars!! Check this thing out!! I sure wanna be the first one on my block to have one…

    <a href="http://www.zenriffer.com” target=”_blank”>www.zenriffer.com

  • JB

    Forget Zenriffers! They only have a two-octave keyboard, they're expensive as hell, they're huge, clunky & ugly, and they weigh a ton.

    And forget all the Zenriffer salesmen who keep posting on this board.

    Roland — bring back the keytar!

  • Foleyuser

    I had the Yamaha KX-7 long ago. Configuration was fixed and just too limited midi-wise. Roland's AX-7 tempted me but I still wanted freely configurable controllers.

    So I waited.

    Suddenly, none of the big manufacturers seem interested in this genre of keyboard. Too little demand, perhaps?

  • Juanxo

    Dudes i finally got mine a month ago, i'm as happy as a kid wich i'm not anymore long ago lol. the instrument is a real beauty and it really does its job. i use my other 2 keyboards and play with all three of them. I use it mostly for solos and not too complex arrangements while i get used to it. Have to say I LOVE IT

  • Diamond

    Hi guys!Is there any of you who has one for sale?Pleeaaase!Otherwise do you know if there is any other model like ax 7 maybe from some other company like korg or yamaha?

  • I don't think the demand has decreased any… the demand for them on such sites as eBay (the only place they seem to be found these days) has been ravenous as they get snatched up at almost 3-4 times as much as they once may have cost. I got my AX-7 for $425 used… now one that's in worse condition than my own could sell for about $900+! If anything, Roland and Yamaha should see the demand for these (along with the publicity that Mute Math has been giving the instrument) and try to bring a deserving instrument back.

  • Jess

    Wow. I'd do anything for one of these. I'd even settle for an ax1. My keyboard is HUGE.

    A zenriffer is tempting but geeze that things huge. =D

  • Jess

    Wow. I’d do anything for one of these. I’d even settle for an ax1. My keyboard is HUGE.

    A zenriffer is tempting but geeze that things huge. It would definitely cover my 14 year old body more than my massive board =D

  • I would buy one in 800-900$ depends of the conditions, if somebody sell a roland ax-7 please email me to rickastillo@hotmail.com

  • Jam STYLZ

    I love this gear for the unique playing you could not have with a keyboard. I use it for the solo mode and specially to play talkbox. banshee from rocktron, with the sound from fm8 of native instruments in a laptop !! it damn rocks !!

  • rckstar

    Vicky T from Cobra Starship uses a keytar and it's awesome πŸ™‚

  • David

    I've got an AX-7 for sale if anyone is interested. It's in perfect condition! I have it on Craigslist in Phoenix, Arizona.

  • jason

    i want buy AX-7 if you want sell just e-mail to me jasonking1@yahoo.com.tw

  • Hello Dave,

    I am interested in your AX 7. Please shoot ma an email if still available.



  • chrissy




  • Tim

    I am looking for an AX-7 (or another keytar). Please contact me with any offer or information!


    Tim Fish


  • Katy C Slayden

    I NEED one of these so bad. I’ve been looking on Ebay, but there doesn’t seem to be one for sale. I wanted the Roland AX-7. If anyone is selling their AX-7, please let me know. I’ve called over 30 phone numbers today, looking for one, with no results. Somebody please help me. I’m willing to pay $400-$450 on it. I am only 16, and I’m already working 2 jobs to save for it. I’m sorry, but I won’t be able to afford more than $450. πŸ™


  • guy that really want

    hey guys im new to the whole keybard thing, been playing for about 1-2 years, made a band and i really want a keytar, i dont care if its not an ax-7, i just need a decent keytar for around $400-$500. if you have anythign of the sort please email me at electric.wizard@hotmail.com

  • Hi people! I really really really need a keytar!! an AX-7 model!! I had one once in my hands when the still were selling them at Guitar Center…. but now that they hace disapear Im looking for anyone whos selling it! Contact me please! Im really looking to buy one! new or used (well it depends on its conditions) but please people contact me!!!


  • also visit my page, hope you like my music http://www.myspace.com/whitemanmusic

  • mandiie

    Me and my friends are like starting a band and I'm gonna play keytar cuz I already know how to play like keyboard and piano but this seems more fun so I'm gonna do that. =] Whoah!

  • Jani


    I'd really like to buy an AX-7 somewhere, so If you have any information or you're ready to sell one, then contact me as fast as possible! =)


  • Khorii

    I'm looking for an AX-1 or AX-7 with all original equipment…between 200 and 400 used, 400 to 600 unused. I'm currently quite young and unemployed, so I'm afraid that's all I can afford. πŸ™

    Please contact me at:


  • Funny that when Roland stops building keytars, people really want them.

    I really wish Roland would start making them again, there's certainly a market for keytars. Or then Yamaha, or someone else what would jump on this market opportunity.

    PS: Yes, I know of the Williams Keytar product — looks awful.

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  • Pam

    I have a brand new Roland AX7 Midi Keyboard Controller never been used in perfect condition I am in the Boston area you can email me @PPage57870@aol.com

  • Kate

    Oh please someone tell me where I can find a white one near Houston, Texas. Please! The e-mail is chocolatefroggy@aol.com. PLEASE email me if you know where to get one, I am sooo desperate!

  • Matthew

    Hey guys.

    ME and my sister happened to go to a christian youth retreat, called believe, and happened to stumble across, A KEYTARIST THAT IS 14 YEARS OLD!!! he was really good, and got every one having fun. My sister and i have only seen Keytars on Singstar 80's, since that was when they most popular. My sister and i have been looking for one(or two) FOREVER….. if you have some please email me at..



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  • Tandy

    Someone has the Keytar AX7, let me know, I need one, I just play it as a midi bass. please contact me at quocthangbass@yahoo.com

  • connor grantham

    plese if any on has a roland ax-7 plese cotact me at crazyconnor@hotmail.co.uk and hopefully we can arange something.

  • luna

    I am looking for a Roland AX7-please email me at lunavin@gmail.com.

  • EPop

    I held out buying the AX-7 because I wanted a keytar that can reroute its controllers *fully* freely (not just to destinations the designers deemed fit). I reasoned Roland's next AX would have this capability. Now it looks like Roland's NOT gonna make a next model! DANG!

    So I am now desparately looking for used ones!

    Roland, please make an AX-8!

  • BEE


  • jince mathew

    hi boys i am looking for a keytar please help me.

  • Kelsey

    I'm searching, like, DESPERATELY for a reasonably priced white roland ax-7. I want it so bad, and it's just impossible to find one. It's the same exact one Vicky-T has, and it's totally stellar. The only reasonably priced one I've found had at least a million things wrong with it. And I can't imagine they're very easy to get repaired.

  • brad

    you can email roland to tell them that they need to make a keytar again at this address:


  • ian

    I have just put my Roland AX7 on eBay …


  • Tandy

    I realy need a Keytar AX7 or similar, please contact me at quocthangbass@yahoo.com

    ** Ian, could you send me the link of your ebay keytar. Thanks

  • I have a Roland AX-1 for seel the Retro 80

    The red one

    its like new.


    very good price

  • E

    I had a Roland AX-7 and loved it. Some idiot broke into my car and stole it, in its box (I babied it), about 2 years ago. They're now upwards of $1500.00, and I can't find another one. If anyone happens to come across one in the Cleveland area with a slightly warped battery cover (it came like that!), it's probably stolen. Thanks for letting me vent!


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  • Hey everybody, i am looking for and AX7 or an AX1 i am willing to pay anywhere from 400-500 if anyone at all is interested in selling it to me please contact me at marcgroveland@yahoo.com or atomicdustbunny@hotmail.com, try my yahoo account first please i really need one for my band if annyone can help out please contact me i dont care if its used, white black ore red (white or black preffered) but i dont really care plaease help me out if anyone selling reads this

  • Liz

    Hiya all, thought Id join the ever growing number of pleas for a Roland Keytar! I've been after one for nearly a year and can't seem to find one in good condition at the right price. Im willing to pay up to about £600 for an AX7. I don't care what colour, just has to be in good condition as I am in a touring band. Please contact me if you are selling/know where I can get hold of one?!


  • anderson martins fra

    queria uma keytar para comprar vc sabe que tem ou como faço para encontrar uma…. me mande noticias

  • Eoin Rossney

    79 comments… Roland are you listening?!

  • Preston Miller

    IF YOU WANT THE AX-7 TO COME BACK(which if you're reading this thread you probly do) SIGN THIS PETITION!!


  • Rémi G&

    I've signed the petition !<3

  • Djangos

    Signed it too. 81 petitions as of 24 dec 2008

  • josh

    Seriously!!!! I would do anything for this keytar. It's my birthday tomorrow, this would be the greatest birthday gift!! I am sooo desperate for one!!

  • Omar Barraza

    I have an ax-7, if any one is interested, Omar_Reyno@yahoo.com

  • hi there. im really interested in purchasing a roland ax 7 Keytar

    please let me know via email