Are you anxiously awaiting the death of the 5-pin DIN MIDI cable? This dinosaur used by standard MIDI equipment was already retro when it was introduced for music in 1985, but there’s nothing quite as powerful as the status quo. (Besides, we’ve seen jitter and other problems on some USB and FireWire MIDI devices, so not all is perfect on the sexier new cables.)

But formats don’t die: they just get made into jewelry. Zelle has transformed MIDI cables into cuffs and keychains. Also featured: 1/4″ jack plugs (what, no XLR?), transistors, and other geeky raw materials. Tom at MusicThing likes the more functional electronic musician emergency bag with every imaginable adapter ($60). Cool, but I get all the adapters I need off my . . . erm . . . floor. Maybe it’s time to clean around here . . .

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    I used to make stuff like this. I visited my uncle one summer and came home with all kinds of old motherboards and the like from his basement, and, among other thing, did make some necklaces and stuff. Nothing like what Zella has done.

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