Rob Read from Edirol tells CDM that, while the announcement of the new CG-8 video synth
is hours old, we can expect some video samples on the site soon. Better
news: Edirol hopes to show off this gear in person in New York,
possibly as soon as this summer. New Yawkas, I'll see you at Eyewash. As for Korg, we'll just have to wait.

Don't confuse these devices with the Viditar and Tactic, video fader boxes (one mounted in a guitar) with LCD and fancy carved-wood cases from Livid. (as mentioned on Ektopia)
Other than the LCD screens, the Livid gear is basically just a
controller (albeit a slick one); you need a computer and OS X software.
Neither piece is new. Both are custom-built and you must contact Livid
for sales info; when last we saw the Tactic was somewhere in the
US$2500 range.

And, of course, that's the other alternative here: if you can't afford
the expensive gear, get some basic VJ software and a cheap controller
like M-Audio's Trigger Finger.
I'm going the software route with my performances (got to do something
with that PC), so I'll have some reviews and how-tos soon.

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    Though it can take a bit more work "Isadora" from Troika Tronics is an excellent program for VJ style work and performace.

    It works well with my Radium MIDI controller. It is possible to work with Abelton Live as well syncing LIVE clips with Isadora videos and controller messages.

    The key advange is you are not limited by the A/B controller model.

    If you want a A/B styole system Motion Dive .tokyo was the best I tested. The demo was easy to understand, very capable and a lot of fun.

    The other software (on the Mac at least) just did not have the same verve especially the Max/MSP/Jitter based systems.

    I use Isadora in my video art performance so my needs may be different.