DJs, VJs, and laptop musicians, Allen & Heath has your ultimate hardware, coming later this year:

The Xone:3D integrates a full DJ mixer, a MIDI/USB control surface complete with scratch surface, and multichannel audio interface
into a single box. Allen & Heath says it "allows the user to
manipulate and manage any source – such as mp3, CD, video and vinyl –
from a central interface." I say it allows you to stop having to schlepp a bunch of different gear to gigs! (read more)

"Any source" is well and good, but in Frankfurt the Xone:3D was rigged with a laptop running Ableton Live,
down to a green cardboard-cutout template with Live logos attached to
the top of the interface — and that's music to my ears. As a control
surface, the Xone:3D has quite a compliment of faders, knobs, and
buttons, but it's a serious mixer, too: 14 in, 10 out, 11 simultaneous stereo channels for mixing. That must be why DJ Ritchie Hawtin was spotted giving it a good twiddle; as a reader observed Hawtin has long used a customized A&H controller in his work.

No pricing, but A&H promises the end of the year. Santa? (Thanks to a couple of readers for the tip.)

  • I have been rocking this sweet controller since June 2006 and it has completely changed my sets 100%.I was using a midi cc from Korg prior and once I heard of the XONE3D I hounded A&H along with my main distributor for electronics.Using this divine machinery with TRAKTOR 3 has allowed me to freely do what I always wanted to as a dj/peformer and kept all the fun in it at the same time.The only down side was exercising discipline at firts and not doing to much all the time.As noted by reviewer it has eliminated excess equipment but until A&H upgrade the driver in it I will still use an external sound card(for recording reasons mainly).All my show and sets are graced with the XONE3D and A&H has been amazing with support on all levels especially TECH!!!

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