Okay, hard-core DJs disappointed by Numark's new iPod DJ
prototype: Numark isn't just about Pod-weilding newbies. They've got
the tricked-out mixer for the die-hard in you, too.

The new 5000FX, also shown at Musikmesse, is an analog-digital hybrid: 5-channel analog mixing meets digital effects and sampling:

  • 35-second sampler
  • Trigger, loop, pitch-bend, crossfade, reverse your sounds
  • Integrated memory buffer grabs even more sound from the mixer so you can scratch it with a scratch wheel or reverse it
  • Integrated, beat-matched DSP effects: chop, echo, delay
  • "Beatkeeper" tracks two separate beat sources with BPM displays and aligns beats of effects, sampler, automatically loop points — wha??? Insane.

So what can you hook up to it? Absolutely everything: three turntable
inputs, two mic inputs (one a top-mounted Neutrik), or 6-9 line inputs
(if you turn off the phono preamps), plus master, zone, booth, record
outs, analog and digital. Let me get this straight: I could
hook up a couple of turntables AND a couple of laptops AND a mic, go
completely nuts with vinyl AND digital scratching AND sampling, looping
and beat-matched effects (to say nothing of what the laptop could do)
and then output to headphones, a main mix, and a digital set?

I have no idea where there's a DJ who could max out these capabilities, but whoever can, I want to meet you. And you thought the art of DJing was dead. Shipping this quarter for US$899 retail.

(via skratchworx — same article that gave us the iPod story. Nice one, guys!)

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    I just saw No Left Turn work with 4 turntables and 2 CDJs.

    So yeah…Was a good show.

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    :zzz :upset πŸ˜‰ πŸ™ 😑 :cry πŸ˜• :cry :eek :roll :p :grin πŸ™‚ :grin πŸ˜‰ :upset :upset :upset :eek πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ 8) :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :zzz 8) πŸ™‚ :roll :eek :cry 😑 😑 :zzz :sigh πŸ™

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    You've managed to iconize the emotional state of everyone in the comments this week. πŸ˜‰


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    this isn't really a big deal, what are you guys new to electronics? numarks gear has been traditionally consumer quality at best, made by someone else in china or taiwan for under $65/unit anyways…also, for starters, why would you want to play everything all at once? (a classic sign of the times – all bling and no talent or skills)
    ITS ABOUT THE QUALITY NOT QUANTITY. Great music doesnt need FX. Toys are fun but now you've got every clown in town dropping too many FX and filters on every track. too many tracks. not enough songs with soul. DJ DC

  • admin

    Too many FX/filters, all quantity not quality — I'm with you, DC. But as for why would I personally want it all at once, the ability to mix multiple sources, work with laptop + vinyl and compose from multiple elements, does require more I/O. So this does look cool if, (as you say), we wind up with good kit on not cheaply-made crap.

    Oh, and as far as turntablists go, I can say safely I have neither bling nor skills. (Don't shoot — I'm just the piano player.)

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    all DJ mixers are anticlimactic {and cheap} in the wake of allen & heath's x:one92.

    you want i/o?


  • admin

    Yes, A&H is getting most of my drool. But what I do like about the Numark — conceptually, regardless of what the final quality of the unit is — is integrated FX and digital sampling.

    For me, the A&H gear that's more exciting than the X:one 92 (or the Numark) is the X:one 3D.

    X:one 3D

  • Guest

    o, i concur. numark did a good job integrating digital effects into their mixers with the dxm06, and i found its sound quite suitable for home/anorak use. i expect that this will fit the bill. still, i'm a sucker for purpose-built tools, and i'd rather have a clean mixer with something like the electrix repeater 2 than an integrated solution {then again, i'm only a DJ in my own mind and home}. of course, if traktor were more integrated {ie if it were a vst host}, i'd be thrilled.

    the xone:3d's specs look pretty fantastic. i wonder when it will hit the streets.

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    i'd really like to see some very obvious reuse of alesis' and akai's technologies in numark's products. i'm sure the results would be remarkable.

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    what about ECLER's NUO4? That seems like a pretty sweet peice of equipment.


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    The Xone 92 is a full ELEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS more expensive than the Numark 5000fx. For the price of a Xone 92, you could buy the 5000FX AND two turntables AND a pair of high-quality DJ headphones, a setup which would accomodate any DJ with the possible exception of club residents who want to work with the same mixer at home as they do in the club. Geez, this is like comparing the 350ZX to a Ferrari.

  • I just bayed this numark and I thing that is a good mixer .

  • Like Guest says not everybody have many to bay the fuc…. A&H Xone 92

  • Like Guest sayed not everybody have many to bay the fuc…. A&H Xone 92

  • DJ Lucky 4

    aight look, all this dj shit for these ipod aint even worth what its saying. i can tell by looking at all them buttons u really dont need. and i bet this thing doesnt have very good cue marking so u'll be getting bad sounds looping like u want them to. but if anyone wants to dj to get reults. go to virtualdj.com, this is a very good dj. im a DJ myself and im very good at it. i started out small and came out big. so i know ya'll can if ya'll are interested. well i gotta roll off here. Thankz, Lucky 4


    Wid REF to DJ DC plz mention what genre of music ur talkin bout cause i'm a psy trance DJ ( in the making πŸ˜› ) nd over here the effects jus add to the whole trip my friend .. but yea on the other side it's jus "bling bling" no shit ……. PsY Trance is the SHIT ppl !


    DJDC : oh that post was 2005 ic now .. lol

  • djaroc

    I have virtual dj software and i just purchased a laptop. does anyone know what kind of external sound card I need and if any mixer will do or do i need a specific brand and kind?????

  • alfredo

    i just bought this mixer recently along with two pioneer cdj 200 and i gotta say, this is a great unit, although i really havent gotten the full use of the fx on the mixer due to the integrated effects and looping on the cdjs, but still happy with it :O)

  • Dbug Live

    I must say that I've played this mixer in a store today and thought it sounded great. EQ especially seemed to cut and boost in sensible regions. My only view is that the faders are incredibly light – a bit like a vestax scratch mixer – which means for doing subtle blends it gets a little tricky when you are off chops at 6am (aussie slang for trashed, whatever!!) But the delay is what is selling it to me – my two sources are tempo locked (2 Commodore 64's) but do not have pitch/tempo controls. So, as wierd as it is, for DJ'ing chip tunes between 2 Commodore 64's it seems like the perfect unit – especially when "sliding" the incoming track back and forth with 30 secs back-buffer. WHo knows for DJ'ing, but build seemed ok to me if you looked after it.

  • DJ V-Tran

    I cannot vouch for Numark's other products, but their mixers are great! I have this mixer in a coffin with 2 CDJ800's and my laptop. The 5000FX has twice as many features & inputs/outputs for 1/2 the price of Pioneer, A&H, etc… Not the best crossfader in the world, but good enough for light to intermediate scratching.