What, Nintendo, a video game company? Naw, CDM continues to gather more and more evidence that what Nintendo really wants to be is interactive performance artists. IGN reports last month Nintendo even staged a live interactive exhibit and music performance in Japan to launch the upcoming Nintendo DS

game ElectroPlankton. (Articles, photos, and videos at IGN, though some videos require a paid subscription.) Think cheery post-modern minimalism, with duets between the DS (video art and hypnotic patterns) and live violinist (more hypnotic patterns).

Meanwhile, Nanoloop 2.0 is running just swell on my DS, thanks to its new life as a GBA-style cartridge. (More on that soon.) Sure, it lacks ALL the credibility of real oldskool chip music . . . but how else will I switch from music to Nintendogs?

Of course, I won’t be performing with Electroplankton — this begs for a new generation of custom visual/audio interactive instruments. My tool of choice would be a computer or PDA and Flash (and, like the DS, the PDA has stylus input after all).

  • Indicator

    Nanoloop 2 works on the DS? Say it aint so!? And I thought my old-skool-Nintdo-style GBA SP was cool. Might just have to pick up a DS after all…

  • admin

    Because Nanoloop 2.0 is a GBA style cart, not a classic GB cart, it works on the GBA, SP, and DS. DS audio quality is decent — mostly I enjoy the bright screen. I have a 1.0 cart for use with my clear GameBoy.