Podifier, the free Windows podcasting app, has hit 1.0. Drag and drop MP3 files, enter an FTP site, and you can instantly create a RSS 2.0 podcast feed. It’s perfect for creating podcasts like the brilliant Fake Science Lab Report.

So, have you started podcasting yet? Send us the links, and let us know which app you prefer? (Anything for Mac?)

  • oconnor

    It's interesting — there are a lot of new "tools" widgets coming out for podcasting. The head-scratcher for me is "what do these tools do better than the tools we already use?"

    Podifier is a good example — it seems to combine an FTP client (who needs another one of those?) with an RSS-feed generator (why not use FeedBurner and get auto-generated RSS-feeds with enclosures along all the cool tracking extras?) with kindof a horky MP3-renaming gizmo (what's the problem with the LAME encoder front-end in Audacity?).

    Adam Curry is working hard on a similar thingy — I'm equally skeptical. The existing tools aren't that hard to use.

    The theory goes that by making the tools really easy, podcasting will explode just like blogging did when Blogger came out.

    The difference is in the audio — neatly-packaged, but unlistenable, audio isn't going to be improved by little front-end gizmos like this one. What will make podcasting explode is us audio geeks teaching people how to do this stuff, just like we do in community radio stations across the land.

    Sorry for the rant — more of them can be found on my podcast site — http://www.SexAndPodcasting.com


  • Guest

    Chicagofever, a little house music site we run up here in Chicago and New York, just started podcasting a little over a month ago. I use feedbruner to point the feed and iPodderX (OS X) to download my own podcasts and the like. And, I think, like you guys we also use mambo. Keep on!


  • Guest


    We have just posted a new version of Podifier
    called Podifier.V. Podifier.V provides the same functionality but encloses WMA/WMV files.



  • Guest

    New versions of Podifier and Podifier.V (1.02) have been posted for
    download at http://www.podifier.com.

    A number of people had requested an option to skip the FTP upload and
    simply save the .xml file to their harddrive. In the FTP section in
    1.02 there is a checkbox that if checked simply saves the .xml file to
    the folder containing the podifier.exe application.

    You can update your existing Podifier by launching it, once open it
    will detect the new one and provide a download option. Once you have
    downloaded it just copy the new Podifier.exe into the current folder
    this way you will keep all your settings. If you want to keep the old
    Podifier (just in case) rename it.

    We are working on developing the Mac version and are in the middle of
    it right now. I'll post an update once I have more news.