I’m obviously getting too much sleep. Are you? Quantazelle (aka Liz McLean Knight of Chicago), designer and creator of MIDI jewelry as mentioned yesterday, must not be. She’s:

  • a talented IDM musician/producer (take a listen — good stuff!)

  • creator/editor of the electronic music zine Modsquare

  • owner of the jewelry company Zella

  • founder, manager, and designer of the subvariant record label

  • Is the new trend in digital musicians multi-tasking? (Or is it just that we’re all doomed to spend every waking hour, and some non-waking hours, in front of our screens?)

    • Guest

      It's so easy to be involved in all kinds of media these days. The barriers to entry are almost nothing, and people are finding multiple outlets for creativity that they had previously been unable to express.

    • admin

      Yes, absolutely, I agree — and while many people get defensive about these barriers being gone, I think it's a great thing.

    • Guest

      a 21st century renaissance woman. Why don't I ever meet women like that?

    • Guest

      I agree with the first and last comment, technology is allowing artists to take their talents and focus them into more mediums than before. The renaissance is occurring again, digitally and in new media!