Part of a series looking inside readers’ studios . . .

It’s beyond me why people waste time on message boards debating the merits of hardware versus software. Come on, people: it’s 2005. Most of use a mix of the two, in different combinations. Check out Wally’s studio; whoever can identify every last piece of gear here, no matter how obscure, wins a prize. Well, not an actual prize, but you can trash-talk the rest of us or something.

Most important lessons learned from this studio:

  • Everyone should have a Herman Miller Aeron chair. They’re only US$649 now? (Can I get my insurance to pay before I kill my back, please?)
  • No studio is complete without a P5 virtual data glove controller.
    • Guest

      main desk:

      KRK v8 monitors
      tascam da-p1 portable dat
      Peavey pc1600x midi controller
      akai s2000 sampler
      alesis thx 5.1 monitors
      15" apple powerbook
      cm labs motormix

      behringer headphone amp
      some sort of line mixer
      yamaha 01x digital mixer
      motu midi interface?
      some more undistinguishable rack gear

      far left (almost out of sight):
      some sort of akai mpc (looks like an mpc2000)

      bill van loo