It’s two, two, two Cubase stories in one. Here goes: forum will require USB key number: Don’t like entering serial numbers and the like when you’re installing software or talking to tech support? Now you may need them just to post to a forum. The revised forum policy on requires users to add their USB key number (the dongle’s identifier) to a hidden field in their user profile. Refuse to comply, and you won’t be able to post Cubase SX-related technical questions. Users of Cubase software without a key, like Cubase LE, can continue to post normally, and all the general chat is still open. But ongoing piracy lockdowns just keeping getting more annoying for those of us who have legit investments in our software. (via gearjunkies) And in other Cubase news . . .

Cubase LE/SE installers incompatible with Tiger: No, Cubase itself is compatible with Mac OS X 10.4. The problem seems to be the installers: if you’ve got a pre-installed copy of LE or SE 1.07, you’re fine, but you can’t install anew on a Tiger system. See Steinberg’s forum post. A fix is promised.

  • anthony

    I wanted to know if you could send me a key for cubase le I lost mine.or tell me how to change the language back to english. thanks.

  • E.T.

    I recently switched from pro tools le (hate it) to cubase le (loving it) with the purchase of the saffire . The problem is im a bit of a cubase newbie and can't seem to figure out how to draw out pops n clicks . I would hate to hafto import the whole session back into pro tools just to rewrite the pops out of the vox.

    Especially sense i sold my m-box .Is this feature included with the pencil tool or am i out of luck ?

  • Be

    Does anyone know if you can copy a license from original key SX3/SE3 to a new empty key and still use the original key with it on anther computer?


  • scooter

    i forgot my key number to my cubase le how do i get anothe one

  • Andy

    I've lost the serial number to my Steinberg Cubase LE for the Tascam US122 soundcard. How can I get a new one?

  • Hacks

    Type serial crack for Cubase in Goggle and search for the one that matches your version!!That is if you can't prove you bought it. If you can, call cutomer service of course!

  • Eric

    I'm searching for serial cracks but all I get are butthole sites asking me for membership fees for cracks. Also I found this retard message board while searching for cracks. Thanks to whoever made this message board for averting my intentions of cracking a program and for wasting everyones time with completely useless information.

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  • Zoomer

    I too have lost the serial and could not re-install in a new laptop the cubase LE which came as a bundle with my Zoom G7.1ut multi-effects processor.

    Please help.

  • There were a few different serial numbers on my cubase stuff that came with my alesis multimix 8 board. I don't know what to do because none of them work and it says there is supposed to be one on the sleeve for the disk but there isn't.

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