Okay, by now anyone who cares I’m sure is reading all about the new Nintendo Revolution console on countless other sites reporting live. So why is it here on CDM? Simple: Nintendo has made the highly un-anticipated decision of releasing its back-catalog of games available for the new Revolution, back to N64, SNES, and original NES systems, via download. (People are excited about something about the Revolution: Nintendo‘s site is getting completely hammered as I write this.) We have until next year to wait for the system, but what this means is, aside from all our retro game soundtrack favorites suddenly becoming current again, you could see some of the original games Nintendo made for music creation, like the Mario Paint composition tool. (see review)

Is it sick to make music with Logic, Max/MSP Jitter, and an SNES game? Yes, it is. Will I be covering this anyway, if Nintendo re-releases Mario Paint? Yes, I will. Did you forget I was insane?

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    Though the draw of AAA titles on PS3 and Xbox360 are there, if Nintendo actually DOES release the back-catalog of classic NES games you can bet that the first next-gen console to end up in my living room will be the Revolution. And the fact that I can KEEP my current Gamecube games and re-gift the system itself to my neices is a huge plus.

    But truth be told, I'm going to have to come up with the scratch to get all three. And a new TV. And a better 5.1 system. And…a bigger room to put it all in!

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    …there was a contest last year in which people had to use Mario Paint to make music. It's actually pretty good.

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    the article already linked to the contest! :roll