Last month, we looked at M-Audio’s new hardware control surface for Apple GarageBand, iControl. (see iControl analysis and information on supported applications)

So, where is it? Shipping “real soon now,” apparently; several merchants are showing it on back-order, shipping in 7-14 days, or simply unavailable. Music123 is taking iControl pre-orders
iconfor shipment estimated on June 15. Update us if you hear more!

  • Guest

    I hate to be a cynic, it's great that developers are taking garage band seriously, but on the other hand– seriously:

    This thing is what, 3 times the price ( sale price, list is almost 4x) of the software it's for?

    I understand these things cost money, but seriously… how 'bout making it work with Garageband and Logic (or even just Logic Xpress) so that people upgrading can keep it when they do?

  • admin

    But M-Audio beat you to it. iControl already does work with Logic Express and Logic Pro. (And, I expect, Final Cut Studio's new control surface support, though I can't be sure — that'd give you Soundtrack Pro.) It'll be of somewhat limited value, as the interface is more geared for GB, but if you upgrade you'll still get some use for it. And demand suggests that users are willing to shell out some dough — hey, they'll have some left over thanks to the fact that GB is $79 or already on their Mac.

  • entasmiquity

    At least one news outlet is reporting that the iControl should show up in Apple Stores this week. (Link below.)

    Apple news and home recording blogs have repeated the story–so it must be true!

    I tried to order one from an online retailer, only to find that, according to M-Audio, these will not be shipping until mid-July.

    So there is something of a contradiction between the news story and my real life experience.

    Still, it seems like the iControl will soon be released, for all of you amateur musicians/GarageBand junkies (like me) who just aren't intense enough to get Logic or Pro Tools.–Apple-MusicMix-kf/res

  • entasmiquity

    I should add that the article that I've linked to states that M-Audio created the iControl "[a]t Apple's request."

    This would tend to suggest that iControl is Asteroid–the breakout box that was rumored to be under development last fall.

    I understand, however, that Apple has recently trademarked terms such as "Jam Box," so perhaps our friends at Apple have something else up their sleeves as well.

  • admin

    I'm with you . . . this could be what ultimately came out of the Asteroid project, or not. Asteroid could still come out, or not.

    One thing I do know is, Apple reads this site. Which means anything I say on the matter is probably amusingly wrong to them. đŸ˜‰

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