It’s games week part II — as I get ready to perform with Game Boy musician Bubblyfish (proving to me that it’s difficult to be a musician, VJ and blogger at the same time), Brent’s back with another gaming report. This time, it sounds like the NES could get a new lease on life. Again. Read on. -PK

If you’re planning on taking a trip to San Francisco in late August, you might want to check out the Classic Gaming Expo. The last year has seen a huge resurgence in the popularity of the games and consoles of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, and this year’s expo features a number of celebrity guests that is sure to entertain the uber-geeks among us. Heck, Woz himself will be there!

Attack of the Clone: NES Redux? What does this have to do with music, you might ask? A little company called Messiah will be launching a retro-release of the NES. No word yet on compatibility, but the hope is that it would be compatible with Wayfar’s MIDINES catridge, thereby allowing musicians to have a sleek, new NES to make their 8-bit-beatz – without having to worry about the classic NES screen blips, forcing the user to hold the cartridge down and “wiggle it” to clean the contacts…

There are quite a few other retro-console-mods out there that allow gamers-cum-musicians turn their favorite classic game system into a symphony of noise. Nanoloop, LSDJ or maybe you’ve rolled your own. Hopefully we’ll see more of these as companies continue to keep the hardware alive. Got any favorites? Talk about them here at CDM.

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  • Guest

    Boy, I didn´t know this kind of stuff existed. As a "part-time" composer, I´d love to be able to compose songs anywhere in my GBA! Please, would you list more retro-console-mods???

    Thanks a lot!

  • admin

    I'm working on a story on that subject for a print magazine; stay tuned. 😉

    But yes, we will absolutely talk more about that. Depending on the composing you're doing, you might want a PDA-based tool; the GBA stuff is best for simple beats, etc.

  • Guest

    Ok, I´ll try to stay tuned, but since it´s a print magazine and I live in Brazil, I don´t know if I´ll be able to read it… 🙁

    And for the moment, GBA stuff should be fine for me. At least for fun! 🙂

    I´m anxiously waiting to hear more on the subject, though.

  • admin

    . . . I will have some stuff online, fret not! And if you can trade something from Brazil, maybe I can mail you a copy — send me an email. 8)

  • Guest

    I´d be glad to! Should I contact you through symbiotic audio´s email adress?

  • admin

    — for Peter (that's me), hit Contact Editor.


  • Guest

    Alright! Sorry Peter, I thought it was Brent answering. You´ll receive an email soon enough.