Reports keep coming in on OS X Tiger. Honestly, I have to say I’m impressed for such a major update to Core Audio that the transition has been this smooth – 10.4 is only on par with things like the relatively minor 10.3.8 update. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to check compatibility.

It sounds like many plug-ins will have to be updated for Logic 7.1’s AU Validator under Tiger; one announcement today and you can expect more.

As usual, check out the CDM Tiger Report for a constantly-updated list of everything we know about 10.4’s compatibility and features. Here’s the latest:

  • Korg has updated its Legacy Collection and MDE-X plug-ins (the latter were part of the microKORG bundle); download from the Korg user site. (via Harmony Central)

  • WaveArts has updated their plugins for Logic 7.1/Tiger AU validation (via KVRaudio)

  • One reader with an M-Audio Audiophile is having compatibility issues, adding to our M-Audio problem list — some hardware works fine, others don’t. Full details after the break. (read more)

  • M-Audio Audiophile Compatibility issues?

    Jeremy writes us with this report:

    I’m having assorted problems with my M-Audio Firewire Audiophile device and Tiger 10.4. So far I’ve only tried it under 10.4, I may downgrade to 10.3 this weekend and see if that’s any better.

  • Controlling the input level doesn’t seem to have any effect. If I run an analog signal in, go to the Sound system preferences, and attempt to adjust the input level, it doesn’t actually have any impact on what shows up in the meter. I first noticed this when trying Sound Studio for recording, and found that their input sliders had no impact on the input levels. Controlling the input level from the M-Audio software mixer is no help either, I can have it dialed all the way down and still the input is running hot.
  • Spin Doctor, bundled with Roxio Toast Titanium, can recognize the M-Audio device and preview input from it, but can’t deal with the sample rate (incompatible/unrecognized), and hence can’t record.
  • I’ll keep watching your page for updates, thanks.

    Others with M-Audio hardware having difficulty? Let us know!

    • Guest

      Might be worth trying the 1.5 driver. The driver handles the entire M-Audio FireWire device family, but it's only listed for the 1814 at the moment. YMMV.

    • Guest

      My G5 has a couple of times suddenly started to emit white noise while using the M-Audio Firewire 410. However, as I upgraded to Tiger and bought an EyeTV 410 (sic!) at the same time, and as I have little time to test all combi's I can not say who is the culprit. However, bad interoperability experiences with M-Audio makes me point fingers automatically 😉

    • admin

      . . . according to a couple of emails I've received. Gotta try mine as I install Tiger this week. Will update our compatibility report.

      It's too hard to definitely point fingers; we saw some rocky spots with 10.3.8 so I'm not surprised we may have some trouble at the start with 10.4.

      That said, kudos to MOTU and Edirol for being first out of the gate with a clear compatibility statement and updated drivers.