Chris of Pixelsumo alerts us to the Beatbox “physical programmable drum machine” at the RCA show in the UK. (see additional commentary at MusicThing)

So, is this the future of drum machines? Of course not. An Akai-style sampler has a physical interface, too, and it’s more usable than these. But after a slow start, watch as the video gets further in for some quirky tapping action, particularly when the boxes get taped to bottles and whatnot.

Alternative to this approach: many tap-loving musicians have gone the opposite route, taping contact mics to objects and tapping them, then feeding into a computer. (Admit it: you want to tap the bottle directly, not just tape an electronic box to it.) Oh yeah . . . and there are those things called drums. But they’re annoying.

  • love26

    "…there are those things called drums. But they're annoying."

    How dare you? (just kidding)

    A major part of music making is the use of the human organism to participate directly in the creation of the sound. "Skin on skin" is actually quite satisfying.

    I would like to see if any of the purely digital composers herein might enjoy attempting to utilize a live track as a basis for collaborative creation, e.g. you might want to try your remix, etc. skills by adding stuff to