Wormhole2 is a plug-in that lets you route audio via a network, between any computers you’ve got handy (Mac or PC). You could save processing power by letting different machines handle CPU-intense effects and instruments, or share audio onstage. (You’ll need to send sync separately.)

It gets cooler, especially with new features added to version 2:

Automatic configuration

Easy routing and option configuration, via a gorgeous interface by CDM reader Atariboy

Low-latency, and automatic latency compensation for round-trip audio

VST (Mac/Win) and Audio Unit (Mac), US$49.95. By the way, if you remember this as an apulSoft app, you may have notice it’s gotten the plasq treatment, from some of our favorite (and now award-winning) music developers. Go try the demo and let us know what you think!

  • underbiteman

    Wow this would be cool if I had another computer…or friends.

  • atariboy

    You can use it to route audio on the same computer. Good for linking 2 hosts to gain the benefits of both for example.

  • carmen

    yeah, nothing like using UDP over the loopback to do what shared memory does better. heard of Jack.UDP? $49.95 cheaper than this, but you dont get the oh-so-spiffy pixmaps

  • admin

    I need to do a more detailed look at which works best for what tasks, but you're right — Jack can also send audio via network, as mentioned in my separate stories on Jack.

    Jack does lose out in no Windows compatibility (if you need to be mixed-platform) and a more challenging interface. But it has some features of its own, some of which have no equivalent in wormhole.

    Give me time to run these through their paces, hope to talk about the more soon.


  • A friend gave me this link. The app is now opensourced… (and it still rocks :))

    Good luck audiophiles!