Spencer Kiser, another whiz kid from NYU’s ITP program, gives CDM our first look at his SpinCycle. It’s a new take on the turntable: instead of tracking grooves on a disc, the device reads colors and produces sounds (and hypnotic colors). Check out Spencer’s flickr gallery for pics for now, but he promises more documentation and video soon.

Another reason I’m jealous of Spencer: he made the Vancouver conference on new musical instrument interfaces. Check out what looks like an interactive washboard-computer interface! More on all this soon . . .

  • babaganushka

    tunrntable to midi tracking, diy

  • admin

    Thanks mate, cool link I hadn't seen! . . . though of course you could also do this SpinCycle as a DIY. Anyway, the techniques are all well-documented (and as the other DIY demonstrates, especially easy to implement on Windows thanks to the free EyesWeb). I'm more interested in presentation and (most importantly) how it sounds, which is all about implementation. Expect more soon.