Okay, CDM readers. We’ve got a dual challenge this week: what headphones are perfect for gigging, perfect for DJing, and make a perfect birthday present? Reader-turned-CDM columnist atariboy writes:

I am looking for some good headphones for my girlfriends (jemgirl) birthday later this week. Around the $100 mark. Will be used for DJing/gigging. The Sony mdrv700dj’s seem to fit the bill. What else should I look into? Thanks! -atariboy

I was going to suggest the Sony headphones, assuming you want the DJ-style design. (If not, there are plenty of classic headphones, like the Sennheiser HD280s; I’ve used my Sennheisers on a gig.) If you can get a deal on them, the Pioneer HDJ-1000 models are terrific; see Jason O’Grady’s piece on them for CDM.

So, what do you think, fair readers? Headphones ideal for yourself AND your significant other? (Too bad my birthday’s in January . . .)

  • maz

    I currently use the technics rp-dh1200s. These things work for *everything* I've mixed concerts with them, do all of my DJing gigs with them, and use them for home listening. They're comfortable, durable (very important, unlike the sonys) and sound great. Of course with any head phone you're going to have to get used to how they sound, but that's a given.

  • rigel

    the hinges always break, given enough use, but you can always buy replacements for $15 apiece. the pioneer/technics phones in the pic i checked out when i was in the market for new ones, but again the hinges look really flimsy. anyone have any long-term experiemce with either of these and can tell me otherwise?

  • vallen

    Ultrasone makes very nice headphones. I have a pair and they're the best I've ever owned.

  • atariboy

    Looks like i'll have to spend more than what I originally thought 🙂

  • djoxygen

    I, too, have seen the hinges break on many a pair of 700s (fortunately owned by fellow DJs and not myself). The Sony 7506's are cheaper, lighter, more durable, and have nearly the same isolation. They only downside is that they lean toward the high end and away from the thump.

  • Fatlimey

    I've had my V700s for five years now and, yes, the hinges did break within 6 months. I constructued a permanant fix using Office Supply levels of technology – unwaxed tooth floss (basically thick polyester thread) and superglue (cyanoacrylate glue). Several tight, neat turns of the thread around the "barrel" of the hinge where it cracks, tie it off, coat the package with glue and in 30 minutes the fix is permanant. Once that structural problem is fixed, the headphones are rock solid.

  • atariboy

    Nice tip!

  • atariboy

    Thanks for all the suggestions.

    I ended up with some Ultrasone HFI-500 DJ1's.

    Sound great. build quality seems solid. Good noise cancelation