We welcome back Cris atariboy Pearson, the Melbourne-based musician and plasq developer/artist, for another installment of Dithered is The New Black. He’ll be checking in weekly with great independent music, much of it free, for taking your playlists to new places:

Hey all. Welcome back to the second edition for this new column. Thanks for the suggestions and keep them coming.

This first site is not direct suggestion, but a great way to discover lots of
music. It is a communal site that allows you to share and download
other people have put together. These playlists point to MP3s found for free
all over the Net: Webjay.com

A lot of you probably already know about magnatune.
There is a wealth of great music to be found there. Being addicted to the cello,
I must point you to Claire Fitch’s two albums on magnatune. Ambiencellist 1 & 2 – both great albums to bliss and chill out to. magnatune also offer compilation
of each ‘genre’ to give you a selection of their wares.

Now a suggested link I received after last weeks column. Sam at soplerfo.com has
a couple of really nice releases licensed under Creative Commons so check them
out. I know I’ll be listening to these some more. I also spied this link on
his news page to Gamelan
Angklung music
. After the jump is 3 tracks by 3 winners of a 1989 contest
by Bali Records. Really great stuff and if you like that, scope out the rest
of that site, lots of great
stuff. Ed: Check out that whole site for all kinds of Asian classical music — the kind you find on cassettes from the region. Great stuff! -PK

Finally, if you want more net music food, check out Mark Teppo’s column, BITFLASHING over
at the ever great, igloomag.

Missed last week’s column? Check out DITNB part I!

  • Zoquie Hammar

    Hello Dare,

    I am in undevined trouble here, I'd like to plea and or pledge for 'HELP", U has had the opps to cipher and or to decipher,such a sound from or on that of a gamelan,be it Sundanese, Balinese and or Javanese, using any tools you just has had to design, built and maintains.

    However the sound I heard on those Synthesizer,

    on a Toy Casio, especialy, sounded so much distorted, or I'd guess, there has been so many Nyquist moise in the process.

    Meanwhile, I'd like to built a digital and or an analog Synthesizer,yea a SinglySynth for One SpecialOccassiOnes Only, you the Project would truly be of GIGANTIX Scale and Measurement, somehow.

    But, with the abrupt STOP buttin ON, no more PROBLEMS should arises even firther thru,

    Excuseme for the language, I've yet implement it more wisely, as time goes by….

    C'U Sumother times,

    in the longest run,or

    C U e'er again….