Updated – Numark confirmed the story, and expects volume shipments to begin in September. See the updated story. -PK

GearJunkies reports that Numark has released the rumored DJ mixer for the iPod. (Updated: Looks like the original link is on the Spanish site Abizu, linked on Engadget.) Some juicy details:

Big controls for iPod scroll wheel and transport buttons

Ins and outs for connecting other gear (like, say, a turntable?

2-channel mixer, 3-band EQ

USB connection to Mac/PC; full docking support

S-Video out for iPod Photo

Recording support (in iPod)

Pricing/availability: Reportedly US$399 (!) / third quarter
CDM 5 words: Beware bad iPod DJ hacks.

Do I want one? Yes, please. I’m not planning to iPod DJ any time soon, but you know this is the only way to dock your iPods at home.

See previous coverage on CDM, complete with lots of people ranting. Shining, angry people. Really angry. Can you hold off from the rants this time, folks?

Additional analysis

  • gearjunkie

    trust me đŸ™‚

  • rigel

    for the fact that it's numark, and thus a piece of shit, and that it doesnt have pitch control, yeah, this is cool.

    wait, scratch that. or not, in this case.

  • admin

    Well, I'm with you Rigel — it's just not much for real DJing, thanks to lack of pitch & scratch. But then, that's Apple, not Numark that's to blame there.

    I still say it's the greatest iPod dock ever, because I love overkill, and because I am just nuts enough to want to cross-fade while I'm relaxing at home.

    Hey, speaking of which, how about a portable case that lets you DJ while you're on the go. Naw, still not really enough . . . I'd want to beat-match and scratch even on the subway. Now that'd be a portable player I could love. 8)

  • rigel

    why is that apple's fault? you can obviously pull off the music data from the firewire port, why not just buffer a whole song (or two) per ipod to allow digital effects? just because the ipod is a POS doesnt mean the mixer has to be. of course, given that this ONLY works with ipods, they'd be reluctant to throw any actual, you know, effort into it.

  • admin

    I'm fairly certain it's pulling audio signal, not "music data" from the dock port. That's the only thing that's possible anyway. It'd need some serious memory to buffer a whole song, and it can't just copy it — there would be a big delay, and then you'd break Apple's iTunes copy protection. Of course, that raises the question of why you'd want an iPod DJ mixer in the first place. No argument from me there — it's silly.

    But it'd sure look nice sitting in my living room, anyway . . . Numark?

    Anyway, let me reiterate what I said the last time: I never said an iPod DJ mixer was a good idea, just a novel one. I prefer improvising music to DJing, anyway, so my personal preference doesn't mean a whole lot.


  • rigel

    theres a winamp plugin that can pull your mp3s off of the ipod. i presume that it's at least possible to get the mp3 data as opposed to the audio signal, but i havent looked at the devkit or anything.

  • Guest

    I have seen the Numark kit and its amazing, they also have a deal with Apple so the 2nd Gen Mixer will be able to alter the pitch as well.
    They are showing this product off at http://www.plasashow.com which is some sort of disco show for DJ's well worth a look Im gonna go.
    You can pre order this item at its £229.99

  • admin

    I think it's going to be straight-up playback for the forseeable future, not pitch adjustment. But I am expecting a review unit; they're not shipping until next month. So stay tuned for a full review.