Cris (aka atariboy) sends us Theremin emulators for your PDA — it’s theremin to go. Cris writes:

Pete Moss ThereMini (US$10):
This guy has a Theremin emulator with MIDI out, no less! For PalmOS on his Palm software page.

Got a PocketPC? check out Clanger. (Free) You can even change the tremelo rate and decay time.

Cool stuff. Got an app you love for your Palm, PocketPC, or phone? Let us know. (Okay, my current favorite phone app is the “off” function, but how about you?)

  • funnelbc

    I was gobsmacked when I found Phoenix Studio for PocketPC – how a program that was so good could be getting so little exposure.

    My intial thoughts here

    I bought it and played with it quite a bit, it's a really simple rebirth style step sequencer setup. It's pretty quick and stable. Sounds it makes are quite good, check out the demos to see the potential. I liked it because it was simple and easy to use, the interface is fast and responsive, and the sound quality was quite good.

    Much like rebirth (hence the Phoenix title geddit, geddit), but also includes really intuitive basic sequencing too. Nice.

    Definately worth the demo download, and definately worth the money to purchase I think. You can sketch out tracks and work them up, or use it a self contained baby studio.

    Demo – Phoenix Studio

  • jbv

    Been thinking 'bout this since my work will buy me a pocket PC if I agree to do a new contract. Will Phoenix export a multi channel midi file for reason? Is there a way to name the tracks so they are easily mapped to reason when you open this exported file. Is there a way to go from a reason sequence to Phoenix? Does it matter what Pocket PC you use?

  • admin

    I'm curious about SMF export, too. Would be great to export MIDI files. My PocketPC is in the shop now :cry but once it's back, I'll give this a go. Several other cool PPC apps, as well — time to revisit my PPC + Palm music roundup!

  • Symbiotic

    Bhajis Loops and Microbe are two of the best for Palm –

  • funnelbc

    Pheonix studio will export WAV's only as far as I know. Mind you, I wouldnt be suprised if you opened up the .PNX song format and found that it could be mapped to midi, but to be honest I just don't know. :roll

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