Peterson Beer Bottle Organ: MIDI + Keyboard Control

CDM’s round-the-clock beer bottle organ coverage continues! Yes, in addition to the Gulbransen Beer Bottle Organ, there’s yet another MIDI-controlled organ. This one comes out of Chicago: Peterson Tuners Beer Bottle Organ (Thanks, Charles; great find!) Best of all, there are sound samples of the Peterson, demonstrating that this more or less sounds like a […]

Steinberg Update: Studio Case II; HALion String Edition; The Grand 2

Okay, I’m behind on Steinberg. But the summer lineup from them is just making me yawn, I’m afraid: Steinberg Studio Case II: Status: just announced. US$299, Windows/Mac September, watered-down versions of everything Steinberg makes. For entry level users, this could be a decent deal: Reason, by comparison, costs $450 and has a lousy sequencer and […]

Peter Kirn - August 11, 2005

Weekly Link Love; Significant Others

The music blogosphere is starting to really pick up here, so I’m going to have to start to just link instead of ramble about every single item. (Anyone got a suggestion for a better name? Wait, maybe significant others?) Here’s what’s hot: Many cool and bizarre circuit-bent creations on eBay, including a whacked-out video synth […]

Peter Kirn - August 11, 2005

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