No, not the better-known Arp 2600 — the bootyliciously-large Arp 2500 modular synth. And if you’ve got £ 5,000+ vat / US$ 9,000 / € 7,500 burning a hole in your pocke– er, briefcases — one of these beauties can be yours. Manuals and plenty of modules included. Go buy those lottery tickets now!

Arp 2500s for sale

For more on the 2500, see Emulator Archive’s extensive page, with history, details, schematics, and manuals. Even more Arp porn, including who played the instrument, at Synth Museum. (Thanks, Tim!)

  • Guest

    What a ridiculous waste of money. For $9000 you could by a humungous Doepfer system, and with much more interesting modules too.

  • admin

    The beauty of this is we're talking about MONEY WE DON'T HAVE.

    For $9,000, I could do a whole number of things . . . actually, at this point, I'm perfectly happy with my computer setup, so what I'd probably do is take a 3 month vacation to do nothing but make music. 😉

  • atomic_afro

    My college (Western Washington University) has a 2500 in one of their music studios. Pretty thick sound, although the keyboard doesn't work right now (have to use CV patching or the built-in analog sequencer).

    Still wouldn't pay $9,000 for a pair of them, but at least it's a better deal than the Oasys.


  • Guest

    Price was $9000 per system,not for both.I wanted them but i was to late,as they are already sold.