While we’re busy rack-mounting Mac Minis, how about a vintage Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)? If you analyze these photos closely enough (via Make), you should be able to do what this fellow did and cram your eBayed NES into a 1U rack mount. (It ought to go really nice next to your rack-mounted synths or effects or whatever.) Then, add MIDINES, a custom cartridge for MIDI output. Viola. Hook up sound, and you’re golden. Then you can keep from killing your bandmates on tour by getting out angst playing Mario on the tour bus, to boot.

Anyone who pulls this off, I will personally give you . . . oh, I don’t know, I’ll find some kind of prize. You can have my Nintendo DS or something.

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  • Symbiotic

    This reminds me of (and makes me long for) the failed "Greybox" project. An indie developer set out to make a fully MIDI controllable synth based off the NES sound chip. He actually got pretty far into it before abondoning the project. Why some other developer hasn't picked up on this yet is completely beyond me. With the growth of the chiptune scene, I'm sure they'd sell like hotcakes.