Last week, we saw that Finale 2006 can hose certain files stored in the Application Support folder of your library — that’s not just your Finale preferences, but even things like your Apple Address Book. I’ve just gotten a link to an online updater; run this prior to the Finale 2006 upgrade, and you’re saved. Anyone out there who’s upgraded? (Or did I scare you all off?) In the meantime, I’m waiting for the shipping version of Sibelius 4, which is the program most of my scores are in.

  • David Toub

    …technically, it doesn't hose one's preferences. It removes contents of the ~/Library/Application Support folder, which can contain contacts for the Address Book, iCal entries, etc. Still, it sucks nonetheless.

  • admin

    Application Support is the folder in question, but many applications include preferences and other vital content there. Anyway, worth running the fix so that you don't find out!

  • David Toub

    Even better, avoid the original installer DVD and wait for the replacement