It’s summer, and that means time to put aside productive things (like trying to sort out Logic’s Environment or fathom advanced programming in Reaktor) and veg out in front of the idiot box. CDM proudly presents the greatest synth-laden movies of all time, in no particular order. The envelope please . . .

Revenge of the Nerds — brilliant because of its dated, cheesy 80s synth band?

WRONG! Revenge of the Nerds isn’t idle fantasy; it’s an accurate portrait of your real life: nerds get fancy synths, nerds play sexed-up FM digital synths and electronic violins, nerds get some lovin’. And the sweet digital sounds master film composer employs to great effect in his score? Why, coming into style now more than in 1984, of course. (Witness Operator and FM7.)

Oh yeah, that and the DEVO-esque yellow suits are pretty damn hot.

More movies next week . . . send in your faves!

  • atomic_afro

    Last night I watched Wes Craven's "Last House On The Left". Beyond being one sick f*cking movie the soundtrack featured plenty of vintage synth bleeps and bloops, especially during the kill scenes. Lately I've begun to appreciate the really "killer" (pardon my pun) electronic soundtracks in the horror classics of the 70’s and 80’s. Some electronic horror soundtracks worth noting:

    Dawn of The Dead
    Day of The Dead – Composed by John Harrison, who is better known nowadays for directing the crappy Sci-Fi miniseries remake of Dune.
    Evil Dead
    Last House On The Left – Composed by David Hess who played the lead killer "Krug" in the film.

    In particular the music of Goblin was a major contributor to the films of Dario Argento (Suspiria being the most famous) and George Romero (Dawn of The Dead featured many tracks by Goblin, and many of the Italian translations of Romero's films included a replaced score by Goblin)

    Find out more about Goblin at


  • Guest

    Revenge of the Nerds. I will never forget that movie. When the Nerds came out to do their synth mayhem, a few girls literally got up out of their chairs in the movie theatre and proceeded to dance and cheer up and down the ailses. I could not believe what I was seeing. It will probably be my last thought when I go out knowing my luck.

  • Guest

    "Oh yeah, that and the Kraftwerk-esque yellow suits are pretty damn hot."

    Are you sure? Sure looked more like DEVO (remember them?) to me!

  • admin

    Hey, at least I didn't say they looked like the Eagles. Though they do have a passing resemblance to the Beastie Boys.

    Kidding, kidding.

    Great movie suggestions, afro — taken to heart! Got some more suggestions, too.

  • Guest

    ferris bueller playing with his sampler…

  • niall

    check out libra's soundtrack for mario bava's _schock_. there's some class synth-prog-carchase music a la goblin {iirc, libra was a project of a goblin, or two} all over it.

  • Symbiotic

    I just finished watching this on a local TV station!!! Some sweet Roland TR action in there!

  • Guest

    Revenge of the Nerds was filmed on the Arizona State/Tucson campus. My bother was hired as an extra. He is one of the football players running accross the field after the nerds put Tiger Balm in their jocks. Got paid $60 for his 10 sec cameo.
    Ha! – Bruce, Dallas, TX.