Flex sensors are fab: these cheap strips send varying voltages when you bend them, seen in use in projects like Eric Singer’s sonic banana (basically, a bendable tube for triggering sounds). The trick is turning that flex data into something useful.

Hypersense Complex is a three-person collaborative working on new musical interfaces, and they’ve been nice enough to post details of the hardware and software they’re using. Hardware — all cheap, off-the-shelf stuff you can play with, too. Software — they’re doing fancy Python script interpretation to turn gestures into music in the free sound app SuperCollider. Check out details, sounds, and gallery. Not much aesthetics to their flex sensor glove — any fashion designers out there? But the exploration of musical gloves continues. Via Turbulence.org’s networked_performance blog.

  • rajesh kumar

    its amazing……………….;'.,.;'/.

    and very creative too…….. can we like to use this concept for some application,we need this flex sensors.. so give me the details about this…..EXPECTING FOR REPLY……SOON..



    is really a awsum one

    pls give a detail of it

    n how can i use this for other application???????

    pls reply……soon


  • Now that's awesome.

  • Holy crap that's amazing.

    Everything is changing when it comes to producing music; it's going to be completely virtual soon – gotta love the coming age of cyberpunk!

  • This is great stuff. Music is changing each and everyday!

  • Sharvari ramesh

    Pls tell me how to design such a sensor because i need that kind of sensor in my project