Okay, synth sleuths. Here’s a puzzler for you from composer/producer Fer Isella. He’s got a mysterious instrument called the Webcor Music Machine he retrieved from a backyard sale, but can’t find out anything about it:

It’s really amazing sounding. It’s called “The Music Machine” by Webcor.
It’s got organ section, rhythm section, tape player and recorder. You can
record yourself playing with the radio tuner that it’s got, and the same
radio antenna has in its tip a MICROPHONE! He-he that you can sing too. The
2 speakers on the bottom sound really amazing, big bassy sound.
If you have any info about this machine please let me know.

I’ve never heard of it, though it does look fascinating. To help jog your memory, I’ve posted a gallery of images Fer sent my way. Any clue? Who is Webcor? And why don’t keyboards come with built in radios any more?


  • Maurice

    Webcor were based in Chicago, and were perhaps best known for their wire recorders (that'd be on a spool of wire instead of tape). More info at [URL <a href="http://]http://www.recording-history.org/HTML/webcor.htm” target=”_blank”>]http://www.recording-history.org/HTML/webcor.htm

    Former Waitress (and Tin Huey!) Chris Butler released a CD a couple years ago called Museum of Me, on which he recorded each tune with a different technology–Edison cylinder, Rolling Stone Mobile Unit, cassette 4-track, high-end analog, etc. "The Man in the Razor Suit" was recorded to wire, and sounds rather glorious. Apparently CB bought used wire for the Webcor, and some of it was recorded to–some family sitting around and talking about whatever; some highlights of this are included on the CD.

    As for the Webcor Music Machine, I don't know, but with the cassette in there I'm guessing it was one of Webcor's last ditch attempts at a product people might buy.

  • Guest

    ok, now webcor is an old company, they make i bunch of tape recoreders and stuff like that, they are also a very good company who makes great products!
    P.S.if u ever see a webcor product with the model number of 2500, please let me know, i got this old webcor reel to reel tape recorder, and can't find out anything bout it, nothing! 😕

  • Evon Trixmo


    Someone mentioned that they have a Webcor 2500 reel to reel. I've been searching for one is these machines for over 10 years now. If you are insterested in selling it, I'll deffinatly purchase it from you for quite a bit of money.


  • Evon Trixmo

    By the way, my e-mail address is evontrizmo@hotmail.com This seems to be the only website on the internet that mentions this tape recorder.

  • Elizabeth

    I have a Webcor 2522 (CP2522-1), which is supposedly a better model than 2500. I’ve “inherited” it from my dad who owns a small town newspaper. He bought it back in the 60’s, only used it a couple times, and it hasn’t been used since. It’s still in its original box, has been stored inside his home, and appears to be in like-new condition. If anyone is interested in it, please send me your best offer to e#perkinson#@#nc.rr.com (remove the #'s – I'm trying to avoid spam). Don't hesitate to email me, even if it's several years before you run across this posting. Thanks!

    • Elizabeth

      This item has now been sold.  Thank you!