MAKE:blog reports on a build-your-own synth project that could be just advanced enough to be interesting, just simple enough that you’ll get through it without a disaster:

Sound Lab Mini-Synth [Music from outer space]

Looks perfect — a simple but capable design. And if for some bizarre reason this is too easy for you, you might customize it with something trickier like an LED-lit envelope generator or one of the fellow’s other kits.

Good additional resources:

Paia Electronics

The latter has kits for vocoders, tube preamps, and lots of other goodies.

So, has anyone out there built a DIY synth? Let us know how it went, and send photos / sounds / anecdotes.

  • Guest

    about six months ago, and I'm glad to see it's still receiving interest. Looks like a neat unit, although it needs a few hacks (listed on the mini-synth page) to make it useable as a musical tool.

  • admin

    . . . what I'm keen to know is, has anyone built it? And is this the ideal beginners' project, or is something else in order?

    Of course, I like building things in software. Or hardware to control software. 😉


  • Guest

    I put one together a few months ago. I started teaching myself electronics at the beginning of the summer so I could build my own synths and guitar pedals. The sound lab was a *lot* of work for someone with almost no technical knowledge. I learned a lot about electronics, though. Now things like guitar pedals are a breeze.

    Here is a link to my sound lab during it's construction. I've got it in a nice wooden box now.

  • mgm

    I've built a few DIY synths including the PAiA Fatman and EFM Mad Mouse. The Soundlab is next on my list when I get to it. I also have a SID-based synth kit to work on.

  • Symbiotic

    I'd be very interested in a SID kit, but my electronics DIY experience is nil. 🙁

  • ANdrea

    i think i try in the nowhere festival this..

    is amazing!!is possible having this in windows software?