You know the problem: computer furniture seems to be built for imaginary people with undersized tower computers who never actually do anything. Want to integrate a music keyboard, computer, monitors, and a rack of gear in a small space? Good luck! But James (of reflexaudio and the fabulous new blog Retro thing) sends along a great solution:

Australian manufacturer M Rack makes fantastically designed studio furniture that’d be great for apartment studios. They racks are expensive (the setup in the attached pic runs about $2200), but they’re beautifully made. As a vital bonus, everything’s within arm’s reach. The site pics are horrible, so I’ve attached a snapshot of Terry Williams’ rig.

Lots of different options, so there may be something on their site that works for you. Thanks, James!

M Rack Studio Furniture [M Rack website with furniture details]

Play guess the gear! James just added the whole gear list from Terry in the comments, so before you peek, see if you can intuit what’s on there. (Especially challenging with the software — you’ll have to do a personality analysis or something.)

  • reflex

    Terry forward his gear list, in case you want to play "guess the gear" – Mac G5, dual 2.0 GHz with MOTU 828 MkII interface, Edirol PCR-80 controller, Genelec 1029A and Mackie HR824 monitors, Mackie Control Universal, Tascam CD-RW402 CD recorder/duplicator, Presonus Eureka and ART DPS II preamps, Presonus Central Station, AKG C1000S and C3000 mics. Logic Pro 7.1, Reason 2.5, Trilogy, Stylus, Atmosphere, Native Instruments Komplete 2

  • Guest

    Hi. If you want to check out M Rack in detail, visit their website at:

  • If you are interested in a Custom Console – try

    Their recording studio furniture is good stuff, they are in Nashville. Check out their studio gallery.

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