One audio app at once? Never enough, right? I’m working on a new tutorial with tips for setting up some typical ReWire scenarios. (For the unitiated, ReWire is a technology developed by Propellerhead for connecting multiple audio apps. Run a master app first, then launch the slave app, and the master should control transports while the slave feeds audio into the master app.)

Updated: I have resolved my issues with Logic Pro 7.1 + Reason 3.03 — well, sort of. ReWire configuration in Logic is really quite complex. I’m going to put together a new tutorial and template file, because what’s included with Logic is insufficient. Watch next week. In the meantime, would still love to know your experiences.

So here are my questions for you, readers:

1. Are you using ReWired apps? Which ones?

2. Having any trouble? Any tips that have fixed things in the past?

One general tip: reinstalling applications often seems to correct ReWire installations, or you can manually remove the ReWire support files (do a search on your HD for ReWire). Of course, the whole appeal is the system is supposed to work transparently. But let’s see if we can compile a new, up-to-date ReWiring guide. Look forward to hearing from you.

  • djhalon

    One tip that I want to throw out there is using ReWire apps with Plug-in latency compensation in your DAW. This may seem an obvious tip, but it was a mistake I made when we first started using Reason in DP 4.5.

    We were taking some older Reason projects and applying Altverb to some of the sources. At first I was just bringing the Reason audio into the DAW then applying Altverb to the channel. The issue was that we were seeing odd delay and offsets in the way everything was being played back.

    The cause of these problems is that your DAW doesn’t know what is coming in from the ReWire source so it can’t do the look ahead syncing for the latency so sometimes it gets it right but usually you’re ReWire audio comes in first then the rest of the audio starts playing.

    The way around this is to bring the ReWire audio in, bounce to disk, then apply your effects as needed. Outside of that, ReWire has treated us well in DP…


  • selah

    So I thought I'd send midi from Logic to Live through Rewire. Not possible, seemingly. Well, not through Rewire anyway, but it took me a good hour of trying to figure out what I was doing wrong to realize that the feature's just not there.

    The solution is MidiPipe, which can work the other way and allow you to do something even more useful–control Logic's instruments with Live. Add audio with Soundflower or Jack and you've got Live's interface and all of Logic's effects and instruments. Not a bad rig.

    Of course, you don't get Rewire's synchronizing features, but if you set Logic's and Live's transport functions to the same midi controls, you get nearly the same effect.

  • admin

    If I understand you correctly, you're trying to route MIDI from Logic (master) to Live (slave). (For instance, you want to record a MIDI track in Logic and have that play the Operator sampler in Live.)

    That is possible; it just doesn't work in the included ReWire template that ships with Logic. You need to go into the Environment and create an *additional* ReWire object under MIDI Instruments — on top of the ReWire objects created for the audio returns. Then you need to assign that input to an Instrument track in the Arrange window.

    (What, you expected the template called 'ReWire Slave' to actually let you use a ReWire Slave? Or maybe you thought the documentation would explain this clearly? Or maybe you thought it would work like every other program on the market?)

    Now, of course, if you're trying to do the reverse — route MIDI from Live into Logic — that is indeed impossible. But I'm guessing you're trying to go from Logic to Live.

    Same is true of any other ReWire slave, incidentally. (What I'd love is to be able to control Logic as a ReWire slave from Live as a master, but I'm guessing that'll happen round the time that Apple starts making Intel-based Ma– wait, bad example.)

    Of course, you're right about the MidiPipe solution, which is quite brilliant for accomplishing many things not possible in Logic's ReWire implementation, like going the reverse direction.

    I'm researching this more and plan to post detailed tutorials and templates soon; I want to make sure I've got it all right first and will try to run it by Apple.


  • Guest

    I am wondering if there is a way to rewire VSTs directly into Reason without some 3rd party application. Well, I mean I'd probably need one. But I was thinking of maybe some sort of plugin that simply rewires into reason, and then accepts VST input.

  • mark giblin

    I'm using Groove Agent 2 Rewired into Logic. Works fine but for one thing. Latency on playing the midi notes from my keyboard. Which makes it next to useless because I'm hearing the dums a spit second after I hit a key. I'm doing it this way because Logic won't read the extra outputs from Groove Agent if I open it as an AU in an instrument track. It only sees a stereo pair, even though I followed a lesson on how to make this work. Any ideas anyone?

  • Marc Verschelden

    " I understand you correctly, you’re trying to route MIDI from Logic (master) to Live (slave). (For instance, you want to record a MIDI track in Logic and have that play the Operator sampler in Live.)"

    That is possible; it just doesn’t work in the included ReWire template that ships with Logic. You need to go into the Environment and create an *additional* ReWire object under MIDI Instruments � on top of the ReWire objects created for the audio returns. Then you need to assign that input to an Instrument track in the Arrange :window.

    Same problem for me.

    When I play the keyboard I hear Operator

    Sending a miditrack from Logic does not work

    I did this in the environment


    Put the object in the arrange, drag the miditrack in the rewire object

    No sound

    Settings in Live midi slot:

    Midi from all ins

    All channels

    monitor auto

    midi button red

  • richard

    If you want to get audio from Logic to Live you can use jack.

  • Roger

    I have Ableton 6.0.10 and Reason 4.0 installed on my Windows Vista…and even reinstalling, i've never got to see Reason on the Ableton's "Audio From" thing. Any ideas? I'm almost desperate!


  • Patrick

    Roger, I have the same problem….

    Cannot for the life of me work it out.

    ANYONE KNOW what to do? is it reason 4, or ableton 6.0.10? or vista? because i was running reason 3, 6.0 something (not 10) and xp and it was all fine, updated everything and now have no idea whats wrong.


  • Juno106

    hi all, i am having a probem using logic (pro 8) as master and live as slave but the problem is slightly different… get the dreaded "unable to process al data" system overlad message. i've been reading some of your posts tho and have a solution that worked for me for Logic Pro 7 and Live on mac os x.

    First, go into audio midi setup and enable the IAC midi driver.

    Next start logic, then live as rewire.

    Create your rewire audio objects as normal so that you are recieving audio from Live into the logic mixer.

    Next, in the environment/click & ports (is that what the layer is called??), make sure the midi in isn't being summed for all of your inputs (by default, Logic sums all available inputs. You need o manualy select which inputs you want logic to respond to (excluding the IAC driver). If you don't do this, logic will be trying to send and recieve data via the iac driver and it won't be pretty…

    Create a new Multi instument and in the properties of the inrtument select the IAC driver as it's midi port. This means that this instrument will send midi data via this port.

    you can now add one of the insturments from the multi into your arrangement. In Live, create a midi strip and assign it to recieve on the IAC driver and select the same midi channel you have selected in Logic. Also, in Live, make sure you are not recieving on any of your other midi ports (switch them off in preferences) as you may find that you're just playing live from your keyboard and not really from logic. you should now be able to use Live's instruments as kind of "plug in's" via rewire… has worked great for me except now i have moved to Logic 8 i get System overloads…. BASTARDS!!!

  • Geramie

    Hey there! Im using Sonar 8 producer and Reason 4. occasionally, if i delete a file in the reason folder in Sonar, sonar still sends the midi data to reason, but no sound comes out. it seems to me that rewire became corrupt within the project folder. i also cannot reload reason into the program. which basically forces me to reconstruct the song all over again in a new project folder. just a little bug, any help would be appreciated. thanks!