In follow-up to my story Tuesday about the new Dubstation from Audio Damage (and other assorted Dub links), ever-vigilant reader Adrian Anders is here with a couple of free VST alternatives. I still think the Dubstation may be worth US$40, but there’s no reason not to check these out, too, if you’ve got a PC. I’ve used the Retro Delay on my PC laptop; it’s fantastic. Take it away, Adrian:

ConcreteFX’s Tape Delay
[Download ZIP]
This SOB packs some major punch and has such original features as bit-crushing, distortion, 2 flutter LFOs, 2 multi-mode filters, and ducking, all inside the delay loop itself. Has to be heard to be believed how devastating the feedback on this delay can get. Not for the faint of heart (or ears).
Peep the other CoFX freebees [at a KVR audio post]. Ed: HUGE list there; check it out!

E-Phonic’s Retro Delay
What’s great about this delay is that the delay can be modulated (by the pitchbend no less!) in real time without the glitches in the audio normally associated with digital delay time-modulation. Furthermore, the delay also features the oh so neat reverb module that can create dub-style reverb->delay effects that I have yet to make with any other plug-in.

PC (Win) only (time to whip out that P4 you have hidden in your closet!) Ed: So THAT’S where my tricked-out P4 tower went! -PK

Thanks, Adrian. Got a favorite effect? Let me know. By the way, after my abysmally-incomplete Dub music roundup Tuesday (so I was in a hurry, okay?), you can expect a fuller story soon. Send your nominations for favorite artists + links if you haven’t already. Cheers! eers! ers! rs! s!

[Updated] Mac Plugin: Never fear, penniless Mac users. King Dubby for AU gives you a free Mac-compatible dub plugin; apparently some compatibility issues for some users so let us know how it goes. Thanks, Symbiotic!

King Dubby

  • Symbiotic

    Is a nice (free) AU dub/delay for OS X.

  • Guest

    Among the freebies on the ConcreteFX page, make sure you try out SubOct. It makes one hell of a noise. No other plugin around quite like it.

    Re delays: There was another freebie out there called P1-TapeDelay that was really excellent and did pitch changing better and smoother than Retrodelay (but not quite as good as the Audio Damage effects). Seems to have gone missing though, no longer shows up on its homesite. Maybe someone can find it by scouring the web.

  • Martin

    Surely you didn't mean to forget the ArcDev Dubb Box, which is a very nice Space Echo sim, complete with variable "vintageness" (tape hiss, motor inertia, and tape and motor age)

  • Guest

    It bears mentioning that the Audio Damage plugin doesn't model a tape delay, so comparing them is like apples and oranges. It is an analog delay plug in, not a tape delay plugin.

  • Guest

    We're now just in the realm of "retro" delays — tape + analog delays, which are two different things.

    That said, of course, there's a sort of nexus of delay-ish things here to be enjoyed, so thanks for all the links, folks!