Scratching: it’s not just for DJs. It’s a musical instrument taught at the Berklee College of Music. Using a product like Final Scratch, you can use turntable scratching as an interface to your computer. Using the more affordable Ms. Pinky, you can even interface with video apps and control Max/MSP and Jitter. Pink looks equally good on boys and girls, as you can see. It’s new black, or, uh, whatever.

So, which is the right turntable? DJ Eldorado took the PT01 into the desert and back, but there are other options. Here’s the best roundup I’ve seen yet (and it includes the PT01):

Affordable Turntable Roundup [Retro Thing]

Still need to learn how to scratch, and don’t want to take that Berklee course? See Eldorado’s review of our friend DJ Shortee and her fantastic video tutorials:

Instructional DVDs Reviewed

With Ms. Pinky, I think I’m about ready to take the plunge myself. Now it’s just a matter of which turntable. Direct drive is really better for scratching, but I do like the idea of something I can (cough) lift. Hit comments and let us know which you prefer.

More turntable coverage coming next week — stay tuned.

  • the83

    I'm rockin' an old Technics 1200 mkII with Ms. Pinky, and it works GREAT for doing crazy MAX/MSP stuff. I do live sampling and looping, and use the technics for control.

    Of course, everybody makes fun of me for only having one turntable, but I'm not a DJ, so whatever.

    You need direct-drive…it is the only way.

  • corporation

    Currently I'm set with my Mixman DM2 running through DM2MIDI , Midiox + Midiyoke, and into either NI's Traktor or Ableton Live. this is in combination with a Evolution X-Session and sometimes a M-Audio Trigger Finger…

    I rip all my vinyl on a Technics 1200 MKII with an ortofon cart, but i use the above setup above to dj mashups at house parties.

    the scratch response is pretty good on an Inspiron 700m with an Echo I/O card.

    it's like a poor man's final scratch.

    check out the msg board for DM2 community @

  • Guest

    I ONLY use the Technic 1200 turntable. I will never use anything else. If you want a scratch, mix and shuffle, make sure you have these pieces of equipment. You just can't get any better. Of course some will argue but you have to stay true to the sport. Numark makes a great turntable but it just doesn't hold the wieght that the 1200 does. (no pun intended) I am not just a DJ but a good one. It just doesn't get better. Technics+1200+MKII= heaven!
    A true DJ turntable.

  • Kram

    gemini tt04, besides the bad rep, this table holds the largest direct drive motor, for the price, its decent

    "THE83" what sampler to use?, i want to take samples made with my table to loop and create beats