If you have to ask, you probably don’t need it. But if you’re a hardcore audio engineer, odds are you already love SpectraFoo for its insanely powerful metering and analysis options. And you may still be booting an old PowerBook into Mac OS 9 just to run it, because SpectraFoo — until last week — didn’t do X. Metric Halo feels your pain, and an upgrade will cost existing users a measly US$149. Everyone else can get the software for $400 to $800, or bundled with one of Metric Halo’s highly respected audio interfaces:

SpectraFoo [Product information]
Foo Promotion

And if none of this means anything to you, well, you can just admire SpectraFoo’s Ghostbusters spirit detection / spaceship cockpit interface with the rest of us.

  • reflex

    My three year-old won't let have SpecraFoo on-screen while he's in the room. "It's scary looking," he declares, hiding behind my chair. Tracktion seems to be his current software fave – all those cheery pastel colors.

  • Guest

    Is there a program that can do what spectralfoo does on windows?…i remember a program called pinguin something a long time a go….but it wasent as good as this
    any one?

  • Guest

    try smaart – it's the nearest thing i know of if you're looking for standalone. http://www.siasoft.com/