A CDM fan who asked to remain anonymous sends us this photo of his 3-year-old son. That’s how to start the mixmasters early.

FYI, the hardware in question is the excellent Mixman DM2 hardware, which you can often find as cheap as US$10-20. Windows-only, but add DM2MIDI and you can control anything you like.

Earlier this week, we learned 3-year-olds don’t like SpectraFoo and its “scary interface” (see comments), but they do like Tracktion. Any other child research programs, folks?

  • corporation

    Just to toss my 2 cents in…

    I give 2 thumbs up to DM2midi!

    it's a great little utility… just wish the author would issue an update (not that anything is wrong with the program – it's just that he promised a new version from last year on the site, just hasn't happened yet… I guess he's busy with more bigger things! :grin

  • Symbiotic

    Peter – we have to fix the URL display feature in the comments. It totally kills the formatting of the site under IE6 (which I'm using not by choice at work).

    Maybe we can just get all URLs to autoformat to with the text 'link' similar to EM411 style?

  • admin

    Got to pick up an SQL book or something to fix it — top of the agenda list among LOTS of other things for the redesign. Hope to get to this real soon, now that I'm wrapping this book up.