You can look forward to an entirely new CDM soon, addressing the problems we’ve had in our first year. Think more reliable rendering on different browsers, an attractive new look, easier access to articles, better commenting and discussion, and more feature, how-to, and review content.

But first, I think it’s time to investigate a new blogging platform, after zillions of problems with Mambo. Here’s my wish list, if anyone with experience cares to comment on a platform that meets these requirements:

  • Easy categorization via tags
  • Full commenting support
  • Automatic graphics handling and other media
  • API access for blog entries
  • Trackbacks
  • Multiple entry points with multiple RSS
  • Ability to integrate discussion engine (not just for stories)

  • Any suggestions? Movable Type and WordPress both come to mind. Of course, I’ll also have to move the content over, but I’ll leave the existing Mambo engine in place for full backwards compatibility.

    • Guest

      No way! Go blogger. It's the lofi future.

    • Guest

      Typepad ?

    • Guest
    • Guest

      It's not as slick as Mambo was and setup requires a bit more technical knowledge, but Drupal will do everything you need and it's way more flexible. CivicSpace is a variant that has a more polished installer. Check it out!

    • jaymis

      I spent a couple of months with my site running Mambo (as I was working at a company which deployed it) but likewise found roughly a zillion problems. Everything needed to be hacked together to get it working, and getting mambo to produce code how I want it (XHTML compliant) is nigh on impossible.

      Before Mambo I used Moveabletype, but it's just too much of a target for spammers. Even now, 6 months after I stopped using it I'm still getting hundreds of requests daily for mt-comments.cgi.

      Migrating 1200 entries to WordPress was very smooth. The biggest issue for me was trying to maintain permalink structures. You don't seem to have Search Engine Friendly URLS on (probably conflicted with some other Mambo component I'm guessing 🙂 so that's not an issue.

      In terms of functionality:full commenting, api, trackbacks, and RSS are all native to WP and slick as hell. There's also a huge library of plugins out there, so tags, graphics handling and multiple RSS shouldn't be a problem. There's lots of other great stuff out there as well, so for forum integration (discussion engine?) you'll have plenty of choice. I'm currently integrating mine with Gallery2.

      After wrestling with Mambo for so long, WordPress is a fantastic system. Well documented and great community, so you can spend less time hacking and more time making things work.

    • admin

      WP is honestly where I'm leaning heavily. I'd looked at it and even tried it for a while, and it's matured a LOT since then (v1.0)

      Jaymis — got a link to your site? Email me privately if you like.

      Did you use the Mambo migration script to move over? Is there a way to tag stories rather than categorize them, and have those tags work internally (i.e., link to stories on the same site rather than to Technorati or delicious)?

      I think not only will I be glad to stop wrestling with Mambo, but readers will be glad to not have to here on CDM.

      Peter 😉

    • vallen

      Type is very nice fully-featured Rails-based solution with beautiful Ajax support: Typo

    • atomic_afro

      Hey could Createdigitalmusic 2.0 have a user forum? I wants to gets my trolling on! :p


    • admin

      That's definitely on the list. Just for you, atomic. 😉

      I just didn't want to invest any more time in Mambo.

      Many things that are annoying or missing on the site now will change. Oh, except me. I don't get upgraded. So we'll need some trolls, just to keep me in check.

    • vallen

      Wait, my comment above, I don't remember posting it that way. Was it edited or am I losing my mind?

      Anyway, I forgot to mention this earlier, but A List Apart and Odeo are two examples of Rails-powered sites. If you wish to use your own CMS, it would be very easy for any Ruby programmer to create. Rails is a very efficient framework to work with.

      I would definitely recommend using LightTPD over Apache. TextDrive offers LightTPD and Rails support, and I hear that they're excellent. (I'm not affiliated with them in any way, before you think it. :] I'm just evangelizing).


    • Guest

      I use WordPress for my indifferently maintained web presence and it works very well.

      The biggest plus was that it was easy to install on my rented webspace. There are plenty of site templates and plugins to use and add to your specific needs.

      It works better with firefox than safari for editing and admin.

      Another alternative Userland Manila if you have your own server – though there are hosting packages. Reliable, modifiable and good for literally 100s of sites.

      Theo den Brinker

    • Guest

      Easy to configure, easy to manage… and very very powerful.

      Oh yeah, it has a vibrant developer community too.

    • Guest

      WordPress is great… use it allready…
      For bigger sites…


      So for now i'll just have one of the 3 depending o the site to develop…

      But i do share every pain you got from Mambo on every site i developed with it…

    • Guest

      WordPress will cover most of your bases….

    • Guest

      hi peter. i use drupal ( that covers most points of your wishlist. in near future i will switch samplepoolz also to the drupalplattform (which is using postnuke at this moment). take a look at drupal.

    • Guest

      after trying most of the ones mentioned here and others (PHP-Nuke, Geeklog, Nucleus) (Drupal makes a good effort to rock, just falls short in a few areas), I would pick WordPress as the most customizable engine.
      Also important to me is how it fails, like if it chokes on some code I stuck in the sidebar. WordPress seems to fail much more gracefully than the others.
      No issues with Safari.
      Easy to post media.
      Best user community out of them all as well.
      I haven't built a forum directly in to WP yet, just have it running alongside, linked to from the main news page. I'm working on getting stuff like 'recent forum posts', 'active topics' etc from phpBB into WP pages.

    • funnelbc

      I used to use PostNuke, which convinced me of the value of hand coding. Then I went to movable type. I've since not looked back.

      If you setup your authentication, spam isn't really a problem either. My site never has any problem with comment spammers. (once in a year and a half)

      Movable Type has got a slick interface and really easily allows management of styles, uploading content via http upload (very handy if you're behind a restrictive firewall – as I am at work).

      It's relatively easy to style, and if you pay for a full copy you can dedicated support.

      I've heard goodthings about wordpress, and was going to give it a go, but now ive learnt how to customize movable type im kinda going to sit with it for a while. :roll

    • Symbiotic

      Is arguably one of the most extensible, but I haven't had much of a chance to dig in. But it may be worth investigating…

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