Video iPods? Whatever. Pro users, as always, want faster machines. So a lot of us were disappointed to find out Wednesday’s announcement from Apple wasn’t a brand-spanking new PowerBook. (I got over it by watching some Desperate Housewives — ahem, on DVD. Remember those?)

Fortunately, this is Apple, and last Wednesday’s announcement is to be followed by a “Pro” media event this coming Wednesday. (See MacCentral.)

Now, I didn’t get an invitation, so I’m guessing this isn’t about Logic Pro 8 or the new Apple iOrgan or Apple iAccordion or anything music-related. Oh, yeah, and there’s the fact that the announcement comes on the eve of a big photo conference here in NYC.

You don’t need rumor sites to figure out new pro hardware may be in the cards. After all, Apple coupled last week’s iTunes/iPod announcement with a new iMac. So this week would be the perfect time for some photo announcement along with new PowerBooks and Power Macs. PowerBooks seem especially likely; the last PB update was in February and included relatively minor changes.’s Jason O’Grady seems dead-on for predictions, though I also like his PowerBook Nano fantasy on ZDNet.

Rumors aside, I hope Apple gives mobile Mac users some relief while they wait for the Intel transiion to happen. Apple’s current desktop machines are fantasic for audio — I dare you to find a realistic way to max out the dual 2.7 G5 top-of-the-line Power Mac with Logic. (Finally, a machine that lets me stack physical-modeled synths and convolution reverbs for no good reason!) But in the laptop space, Apple’s price/performance ratio has clearly sagged at the high end. Apple’s laptops remain wildly popular for mobile musicians, but I know a few Mac users wondering whether to go PC for their next purchase. Bet it wouldn’t take much for Cupertino to lure them back. Apple, it’s your move.

  • Guest

    Logic is getting left in the smoke….nothing new at AES? why not! Ableton Live 5 is trying to devour us! Pro Tools 7, well that's a never ending arguement. Stop with the silly updates, get rid of the Emagic smell and redesign the fricken thing already ALL HAIL LOGIC PRO 8! please.


  • vallen

    I'm waiting to purchase any new machines from Apple until they start using Intel chips.

    Logic does need a revamp. At this point I think Apple should create a new app from the ground up.

  • Guest

    I could wait for Intel chips, but I know it'll be quite a while after that before Adobe (no, I'm not an audio guy) and friends get their acts together. Remember the looong transition moving pro apps to OS X? I'm expecting it'll be twice as bad. So my new G5 (assuming they release a new G5) will see plenty of action in the coming years.

  • Guest

    "Jason O'Grady seems dead-on for predictions" – HAHHA.. that was pretty funny. You were going for funny, yeah?

  • rolandreinke

    I think it's really strange for us users to see Apple update products that will be eclipsed by very much more capable machines in the nearer future….. meaning Powerbooks with Intel chips. Who in their right mind is going to upgrade NOW? Only people who absolutely have to, I would expect…..

  • Guest

    Those of us still using first generation G4s really don't have much choice. When you need more power/memory for your work there is no reason to wait. No to mention the possibility of a slow transition to Intel.

  • carmen

    they could surprise everyone.. about to pull the trigger on an MSI s270 but will wait to see if apple pulls some magic mobile hardware out of its hat

  • Guest

    ME! I think it's a much better idea to buy a computer that will work with all my existing software rather than an intel based mac that will probably have a lot of bugs in the first versions, will need new software, etc. :roll