Another one bites the dust? I’ve just been tipped off that Hartmann Music, the makers of the unusual but innovative synth, have closed shop. There’s a statement in their German news, but it hasn’t yet been translated to English. (See further discussion in a thread on KVR.)

More on this as it happens; German speakers care to translate the German? (Babelfish, as employed in the KVR thread, is useless. My German is better — and that ain’t good.)

  • tom

    I'd love to find out how many synths they actually sold. 10? 15 maybe?

  • Guest

    so i´m German, and i TRY to translate you a little bit. There is a big Music online store in Germany wich sells 450 Neuron VS for 149 € ! A Software with Hardware Controller witch costs nearly 800 €. So why is that. Hartmann has Debts at the factory which build the neuron vs but they speak together and say we have a Problem and pay later. Everything seems to look fine but the the Factory got panik that they didn`t get their money so they sold the 450 Neurons at this online store without telling Hartmann.
    Hartman stop the selling out of the neuron vs. but there was a big advertisment campagne and for sure they sold some (Hartmann will not support them)
    So the Buyers are angry (who paid the full price) the fullprice distrubitors are angry and want payment of damages.
    Hartmann is a very small Enterprise and such a story can break their neck financaly. Hartmann go for justice now but they also say that the trust in this product is gone.
    Hope i help you a little bit. This is it in Shortform, sorry for my buggy english (need some updates !!!)
    By the way : First look in the Internet everyday is your site !

  • Guest

    There was something on the Hartman website a little while back saying that a particular retailer was selling pirate copies of the VS, or something to that effect.

    Seems pretty cheeky for the manufacturer to sell the product directly. I hope Hartmann have some legal recourse.

  • Guest

    I find it strange that according to Hartmann it's everyone else's fault. At the end of the day, what it probably boiled down to was that they ran out of resources, and the manufacturer probably did what they could to get their money back, no harm in that really. :zzz