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    To the blog moderator,

    Author Erik Feder has recently written a new book
    entitled "The Feder Guide to Where to Park Your Car
    in Manhattan (and Where Not to Park It!) – Downtown Edition". We are happy to offer the readers of this blog a free excerpt of this book so that they can see for themselves how to save money, time and aggravation by avoiding parking tickets and having their car towed in Manhattan.

    "The Feder Guide …" (416 pages) is a complete listing of all street parking regulations and over 150 parking facilities in the downtown area of Manhattan (30th Street – Battery Park). This book also includes
    helpful hints and tips for parking a car, truck or
    commercial vehicle in Manhattan as well as tricks
    people can use to get out of parking tickets they’ve
    already been given. Believe it or not, it can be done!
    Most parking tickets in Manhattan will cost you $115 and getting you’re car towed costs $300. Our free excerpt will show you ways to avoid paying out that kind of money – it’s better off in your pocket than in the city’s pockets, right?

    Erik Feder is "The Parking Expert"; he has done
    extensive research on the Manhattan parking scene,
    including driving on every single street in Manhattan
    and writing down the parking regulations on each and every sign. Erik has been interviewed on FOX-Channel 5, WB-Channel 11, and KISS-FM as well as in The New York Times, New York Newsday, The New York Daily News, The Bergen Record and countless smaller publications and radio stations.

    To receive your free excerpt of "The Feder Guide to
    Where to Park Your Car in Manhattan (and Where Not to Park It!) – Downtown Edition", just send an email to:
    with "free excerpt" in the subject header and your
    free excerpt will be emailed promptly. Your email
    address will never, ever be shared or traded with
    anyone for any reason.

    Midtown/uptown edition (124th Street – 30th Street) tofollow in November, 2005.

    Rhythmo Productions

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