Brian Moore doesn’t yet have a product page for the iGuitar.USB, but there are some details on their What’s Happening page.

First off, it is Mac and Windows-compatible. And you’re not just limited to running audio through USB; via an optional RMC jack as featured on their other iGuitars, you can hookup to a Roland GI-20 or other similar box, you can output MIDI, too. USB isn’t the whole story, either: these are high-quality guitars with excellent hex pickups, which are expensive to add to other instruments. I know many people will keep an RMC-equipped iGuitar in addition to their other instruments so they can, for instance, quickly switch to a MIDI-triggered soft synth.

More specs and pricing from Brian Moore . . .

  • Plug the iGuitar into the USB port any computer and get direct access any your guitar effects and recording software of choice
  • Built-in USB digital audio connects your guitar directly to you computer
  • Record instantly in your favorite application such as Garageband. Logic or Cakewalk
  • Play directly into the latest software programs such as Guitar Rig by Native Instruments and Amplitube Live by IK Multimedia
  • Line level signal – No external audio-interface pre-amplification required
  • Class Compliant – No need to load special software drivers
  • Bus powered- no 9V battery necessary
  • Available on all models (most are in stock)
  • Add $200 to the list price of any Custom Shop, i2000, i1000 or iGuitar model.
  • Add $300 if you already own a Brian Moore or iGuitar model – Upgrades done at our factory, 3-4 week turnaround

  • There you have it. Don’t usually like to cut-and-paste from Websites, but in this case the info is otherwise tricky to find, and now you’ve heard it from the horse’s mouth. Or amp. Or something.

    • Guest

      we shipped guitars in OCT to Dealers.
      There a few i2000 non 13 pin guitars out there. add $200 to the list price and take 25% off that gets appox street pricing.
      I1000's 13 pin are out there now.
      i81.13 USB list: $1195 sell appox: $899
      i91.13 USB List: $1295 sell appox: $975
      I21.13 USB List: $1395 sell appox: $1049

      Brian Murphy
      Brian Moore Guitars
      Eastern regional sales manager

    • Harvey Farr

      Has anyone tried these with notation software like Finale? How well does it translate to sheet music? A keyboard does great. Having the quivalent in a guitar would be too cool to rule.