While we’re on the subject of scratch controllers, I love my Mixman DM2 USB controller. I use it on Windows to control VJ applications (and occasionally scratch audio samples in performance, too). After all, why should the DJs get to have all of the fun? The ring doesn’t feel terrific exactly — sure, I’d love a real deck — but it cost me only about $20 via an online supplier. (Buyer beware: Mixman doesn’t let you download drivers, so you’ll want a packaged version.)

The DM2 doesn’t work out of the box with MIDI, though. Enter the Windows-only software DM2MIDI. (See also the great user forum.) No Mac support, but it’s a dream with my PC. DM2MIDI’s free and terrific. Install MIDI-Yoke to route MIDI to your favorite app, and you’re good to go.

I was curious, though what Mixman had up their sleeve for their next product, and if they’d ever support MIDI. Boy, did I get a response: according to Mixman, the DM2MIDI software is “illegal.” Mixman has also cracked down on users trying to host the driver software for their hardware. Here’s what Mixman’s Rico Appelbaum had to say:

DM2 as a product is being replaced this X-mas season with the new “Mixman
MP3 Producer”. As well, there is another product, more advanced, called
“Mixman LoopStudio” (you can read about it on our site) which both are
combinations of Mixman’s custom USB Controller, Mixman Software, and Mixman

Mixman has not endorsed nor had anything to do with any of the
illegal DM2-to-MIDI applications that have grown up in the last few years.

Another new product around the controller is due out in 06. As of this time, there are no imminent plans to release a new version of the
hardware though it has been in discussion.

Mixman, all I can say is, I really hope you’ll reconsider. Sure, your super-simplified Mixman software is fun for kids, but should using your hardware with Jitter be a crime? (For the record, DM2MIDI is still very downloadable, so illegal or not, you can get it.


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  • atomic_afro

    Mixman, jeez that brings back memories. That was the first software tool that I ever used live, and was a blast back in the day. Lately though the company has sure shown its age. It's now three steps behind everyone else (include Behringer, for SHAME!). Their MP3-DJ software has been vaporware for years now, and somehow I doubt that they will actually get their product out by Christmas. Like Sony, Mixman should be kissing the feet of the independent developers that are giving their extremely old, extremely cheap hardware a new lease on life. Without DM2MIDI, people would be like "Mixwhat?".

    I give them 2 years max, then they will either fold up, or be bought out by another company.


  • funnelbc

    Erk. I bought a dm2 off ebay (the postage cost me more than the actual device) but the owner says it doesn't have drivers and here's me assuming that I could just download them from mixman. Average.

    Pretty antagonist approach towards independent developers also. But no drivers is just plain silly.

    Anyone able to upload the PC (Win XP) drivers or willing to post a copy of them? Or is it just a matter of using the DM2Midi drivers independent of the mixman software?

    Doesn't seem like mixman is giving me a lot of options here.

    info {at} ausmusician dot com if you can help

  • corporation


    that sucks. but i always knew that they never offically endorsed it.

    and not having the full stripped down (without mixman software) drivers sucks.

  • kerray

    someone is actually helping them to sell their product, which otherwise wouldn't be worth a dime, for free, and they are against it…

    anyway, DM2 is fine for controlling traktor2 for example, with a bit of tweaking you can get the "scratch wheels" to function as simple jog wheels, which is exactly what i needed

    and dm2midi version 1.0 (don't know where to find it, but good luck) has drivers included in it's installation

  • funnelbc

    Excellent, thats a little more information, i'm sure it will work out okay. 8)

  • Guest

    I worked closely with Peter "PDoom" Kaufmann when he had first developed the DM2MIDI program and I needed some enhancements to make it work best with NI's Traktor DJ Studio. He responded with the awesome feature set that is now part of DM2MIDI.

    It completely puzzles me that the Mixman folks don't seem to realize that they could have easily sold DM2 controllers — possibly at a higher price — to digital musicians by promoting this feature. Whatever… anyway, DM2MIDI is hardly "illegal".

    BTW, for those who are interested, and need a little helping hand with getting started with the DM2 as a MIDI controller… I made a detailed guide to using DM2MIDI with Traktor along with a pre-built Traktor template (which gives the ability to "scratch" in Traktor with the DM2 jog wheels). You can download it here:

    DM2MIDI for Traktor Zip File

    I haven't updated that archive in a while, so you'll probably want to snag the latest version of DM2MIDI. The valuable thing here is the PDF manual that I created along with accompanying .tks file for Traktor.

    BTW, at the time that DM2MIDI and my guide to using DM2MIDI with Traktor was created, it was impossible to tell what was going on at Mixman as a company. Their site was completely static and massive numbers of DM2s were available on eBay and at various discount retailers for prices below $20 (that's how I bought mine).

    Suprised you even heard anything back from Mixman at all. I wonder… are the original creators of Mixman still involved with the company? I seem to remember meeting a couple of them "back in the [dot com] day" at a loft party in San Francisco. Could they have turned uncool after years of Mixman turmoil?

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  • Guest

    I lost my driver for my dm2 where can I get one

  • Yung One

    Please If SOmebody out Therre Can Help Me…I Need The Software For My Mixman DM2 and I Dont Wanna Buy A $10 CD…PLease E-mail me @ datyellowboi06@yahoo.com if u can help!


    how do i download the updates for dm2 my dam cd wil not work. grrr heheh:)

  • i was just wondering how could i download the software. the thing is that i misplaced my cd and i brought a new computer. now i don't have the software to download. i was hoping that you knew a website where i could download it from.

    my e-mail is sprite_1894@yahoo.com

    my phone # is: 786-274-0615 anytime and if i don't answer would you leave a message please.

  • RdPir8

    I lost the driver disk for my Dm2 and if anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated! Please e-mail me at Irish_hobbes@yahoo.com

  • Curtis

    I have the dm2 controller but not the software or cd rom. How do I just get the software?

  • Curtis

    I lost my driver disk aswell If somebody could help email me at lilman1689@msn.com…thanks

  • cooldjtommy

    i lost the cd driver please help me i need

    it if you cansenme to cooldjtommy@yahoo.com

    i have software like nuendo,cubase,fl studio

    and some dx/vst plugins ozone waves bundle pack,and vst instruments basstation,v-station ,NI fm7,absynth,albino,, and more i can send you this but please send me dm2 controller drivers

  • ty mella

    i have the controller but lost the disc! what do i do any help? if you could help e mail me at tymella@hotmail.com

  • pRo gUitarist


    errr i just randomly found it!

  • deeare

    wcan somebody give me a working link for traktor 2 dm2 midi thanks….

  • Billkwando

    You guys are in luck that need the drivers….look here:

    You'll have to type in some letters to prove you're not a spiderbot, then wait 45 seconds.

  • jon

    Hey how's it goin, ok well i got this mixman dm2 from a neighbor, but there's no software or anything. So can any of you help me a link that i can download the software so i can use it, i would greatly appreciate it. My email address is.


    thank you and have a nice day.

  • heart

    i lost the

    Mixman DM2 Software CD

    could anyone help me i don't want to repay for it

  • hey my name is ladarius i lost my installing cd i told all my frinds that it is cool to use mixman please please help me

  • Chris

    Got DM2 as a gift a couple years ago, but the CD broke while moving.

    Is the above info on DM2MIDI sufficient to run the program or is this simply to be used in conjunction with another prog as a controller?

  • piease someboby help me i need mixman driver the cd to install it on my pc

  • hi may name is ladarius and i need the mixman CD please email it to me thank you

  • please email me the driver thank you

  • Our band has just finished its latest CD and instead of pressing it on a CD we released it on a flash drive direct

    We were really stoked with the results and wondered if anyone else had anything to say about this. It seems we cannot find enough fans at the gigs to buy a CD but were willing to shell out $15 bucks for a 1 GB…has anyone else found this to work for them?

    I read this Billboard.com release http://billboardpublicitywire.com/releases/flash/
    and it convinced me if the labels are dropping the CD perhaps this was the next thing…?

    anyways……..drop me a line….


  • jason

    ilost my cd so that my dm2 mixman can work can you send download in emailron@yahoo.com

  • luis

    Yeah if anyone know how i can get the software and driver of my mixman dm2 because i bought a new computer and i lost my cd and i don't want to throw it away please tell me of anything my e-mail adress is ariba_las_chivas_luigi@hotmail.com thank you i'll appreciate it

  • scottknivng

    hi, all of you begging for a mixman new cd, the original only worked with windows 98SE/ME, so you are out of luck even if you do get, mixman put out a little known version of studio pro v4.5 that allowed us studio pro users to interface the dm2, they claimed it wouldnt work on XP…lies, I got it to work, been making music with 4.5 now for a long time, but just rying to get a word from mixman about studioXpro is difficult, i ve written them, no answer. I actually want to buy thier software too and they dont even have a working website where i can download the software AND pay for it..its sad how pathetic they have become, BTW ive used their stuff since 3.0, this program had a lot of potential and they let it slip away. I still user this plastic 16 track mixer as a lttle secret…it made with the same Mattel plastic as a barbie beach house..thank you for the info you have provided for the 2 or 3 of us who still want to see everyone make great music.

  • Kajunt504

    I lost my mixman software cd, Where can i download the software? cuz i cant load up the driver.

  • baran

  • @Kajunt504 : http://www.mixxx.org/wiki/doku.php/mixman_dm2 <-you can find the software through links on that page. it also links dm2midi and midiyoke


  • julie

    my mixman software cd has a crack in it so i cant use it. can someone help me out with tips on how i can get one or if theyre kind enough to send me a copy. <33

    email me at sk8grl90@yahoo.com

  • im using the usb controler can you please give me the driver? my cd is broken!
    emailme at : princeremy71@yahoo.fr

  • Prince Remy

    im using the usb controler can you please give me the driver? my cd is broken!
    emailme at : princeremy71@yahoo.fr

  • Certil Remy

    im using the usb controler can you please give me the driver? my cd is broken!
    emailme at : princeremy71@yahoo.fr

  • Matthew Smothers

    does anyone have the ISO of the DM2 digital music mixer, i found the turntable at goodwill but i don’t have the CD

  • Matthew Smothers

    does anyone have the ISO of the DM2 digital music mixer, i found the turntable at goodwill but i don’t have the CD

  • Matthew Smothers

    does anyone have the ISO of the DM2 digital music mixer, i found the turntable at goodwill but i don’t have the CD