Well, it seems there’s some confusion over how Guitar Rig 2’s interface works. Previous versions of Guitar Rig sent control data from the foot pedal as audio signal, a system that caused more complex configuration in some hosts and, honestly, wasn’t terribly popular among users. Part of what’s cool about the new Rig Kontrol 2 that ships with Guitar Rig is that it sends both audio (from your guitar) and MIDI (for control). With audio input/output, you don’t need a separate audio interface (though if you really want one, of course, you can use it). Their audio interface is designed for low-latency performance.

For additional clarification, CDM chatted with Native Instruments’ Tobias Thon, who is in sunny L.A. while NYC is drowning in heavy rains . . .

PK:The new Rig Kontrol 2 doesn’t use audio for control like the original, does it?

TT: Yes, the new Rig Kontrol sends its parameters over MIDI and not as audio anymore.

PK: Why USB2? Looks like a pretty simple 2 in / 2 out?

TT: USB 2 gives better latency than USB 1, especially with the special low-latency driver that our engineers developed.

PK: Will it ship with Guitar Rig, or will you have to purchase it separately?

TT: It will be included with the regular Guitar Rig 2 package. You will also be able to buy it seperately if you own Komplete 3 (which has the Guitar Rig 2 software included).

There you have it. And as usual, you knew almost as soon as I did. Now, it’s just a matter of waiting for this thing to show up in my apartment to cheer up sleepy, rainy days like this one.

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    I could've sworn it said on their site that the expression pedal had a much higher resolution than the 0-127 of MIDI… did I just imagine that?

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    You're right, of course — not that that sentence makes ANY sense. Maybe someone in marketing made a mistake with copy-and-paste? MIDI control changes ought to be perfectly fine for an expression pedal . . . and I won't even touch the issue of how it would make any difference having higher resolution for a footswitch. 🙂

    Anyway, dubious marketing claims aside, that may accurately mean that they're sending MIDI over USB2 rather than MIDI cables — and that much is true.

    I can tell you this: they're NOT using audio cables any more. I saw the Kontrol Rig, and it was hooked up via the USB2 cable. I'm assuming it's sending standard MIDI messages, but I'll check. It certainly isn't sending audio signal for control.

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    Found it "The controller's data is transmitted via USB 2.0 – ensuring a much higher resolution and more precise control than via MIDI." (http://www.native-instruments.com/index.php?id=rigcontrol2_us&ftu=9446fbe2f2):

    Now, I guess it's possible that I just misinterpreted that, but it's definitely more than a little misleading — this was one of the main reasons I was looking forward to the Rig Kontrol 2.

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    *I* still have no clue what they mean, since I don't work there or anything, but we recently had an update to the MIDI spec to 2.0 ( I believe included reverb & drum roll for example in Standard MIDI – I recall a fast setting for like 1 MHz clock – not that I'm sure what it does – but I do know an expert in that area…)
    Anyway, just wondered if MIDI ( and actually this is the CC Data subset common in FX units -Control Command)

    -oh, I think marketing means, this Audio/MIDI via USB 2.0 is better & higher resolution than "Other" devices using CC data…..well…um… Yeah, that is confusing!

    I've used Digitech, since like '96 ( had to get a box which could sound like I need, even on another amp, recording, etc. )
    So, my most recent GNX 4, is amazing, and way more complex than I am comfortable with right now = but among the amp/cabinet simulations, every FX ever and built in 8 track recorder – it has a USB jack – and is a USB interface
    ( Digitech has always sent out CC data support – but USB is new to me! )

    Anyway, sounds cool…

    Lao Tzu

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    Could Guitar Rig in the next go round put an acoustic amp sim for guitars that have both magnetic pickups and Piezo bridges.

    I'm fitting Graph Tech saddles to one of my Teles.

    I don't want more outboard gear. If I could jack into the Guitar Rig controller with a stereo or stereo Y cable and my mac that would suit me.

  • Eddie

    I'm a big fan of Guitar rig and use it all the time on anthying from guitars through keyboards to soft synths.

    I've been battling it out with the usual headaches that others seem to have with the Behringer midi foot controller. It dawned on me after reading your comments on Rig control that I may be overlooking a this as something which I could also use outside of the Guitar Rig sofware for live midi control of parameters in soft synths etc. I'm reluctant to buy it without checking this out and there's little infoirmation on NI's site that's helpful.

    Has anyone tried using Rig control like this?