Indie film and iTunes? Maybe hard to believe a day after the announcement when you can only watch a few ABC TV shows or Pixar shorts, but Dave Ahl of Modiba Productions writes us in with an optimistic take:

I just wanted to let you know how revolutionary Apple’s announcement regarding paid downloadable video segements is for independent film-makers. Modiba Productions (an African music and film company raising money and awareness for African social and political causes thru the arts) has been waiting for precisely this business model.

For the first time ever, small companies without retail distribution or a broadcast/cable deal not only have a way to reach audiences worldwide but
also have the means of funding projects: simply sell video segments for $1.99 through iTunes. At present, it’s just ABC and Pixar but –like the
iTunes music store– this will soon open up to small independent film companies whose work will be featured alongside major media corporations.

I encourage everyone to check out some work Modiba has been doing, including a short film to promote our benefit album “ASAP: the Afrobeat Sudan Aid Project” (which hit #1 on the iTunes World Music Charts):

Modiba Productions Afrobeat Sudan Aid Project (ASAP)

We’ve looked at this project before on CDM, and both the music and cause are highly worthy. iTunes as a much-needed outlet for indie film? Sign me up. I’ll let you know when we hear more. I’m not likely to be watching this on a video iPod, but on my Mac or PC laptop? Absolutely.

  • Guest

    I agreed so much with the iTunes distribution of video that I applied to iTunes to distribute my art videos.

    The email from iTunes said they would get back to me some time in the indefinite future.

    I wait with anticipation.

    Theo den Brinker

  • Guest

    "For the first time ever, small companies without retail distribution or a broadcast/cable deal not only have a way to reach audiences worldwide…."

    …er not quite, USA only I'm afraid.

  • Guest

    yes, i also applied to distribute my video art with them the day after it came out –
    they gave me places to sign up with (small labels), and then the small labels sent me back to apple, saying they do not have rights to distribute videos yet (only music) – it's a vicious cycle….

  • Dan

    I realized this thread is almost a year old, but I just wanted to weigh in… I co-run a small indie label out of Western Mass, and we recently asked our digital distributor about selling music videos from our bands on iTunes, and we were told that videos from small labels are still seldom accepted and that if they are, there is a $50 carrying fee. It seems it may be a while before the video end of iTunes opens up even to smaller companies with digital distro deals, nevermind the general public at large. It's unfortunate, but hopefully it will happen in the reasonably near future.