Playlist, the iPod DJ club — and Playlist, the website, no relation — both take on the Numark iDJ iPod DJ mixer:

Hands-on Numark iDJ Review by DJ Lisa Rocket, resident at the Playlist Club in London

Numark iDJ Review by yours truly for

Incidentally, everyone who goes to Playlist, the Philly and London club, has a fantastic time DJing with iPods. Partygoers bring music, people who’ve never “DJed” before in their lives mix music, there’s judging, and everyone has a ball — see the photos. That to me is the ideal market for the iDJ, and not surprisingly organizer Lisa (pictured) loves hers. But if you’re not running an iPod DJ party, do you want a Numark iDJ mixer?

DJ Lisa Rocket concludes: “The Numark iDJ is much easier to use than a traditional iPod DJ set-up, it delivers better sound handling capabilities, looks like it’s come off the USS Enterprise, allows me to mix and record sets…. and I for one definitely want one now.”

My Playlist review has the headline: “iPod-focused DJ mixer is unique but ultimately disappointing (thanks to limitations of both the iDJ and the iPod itself). 2.5 / 5.”

  • Guest

    I still don't understand what the point of this thing is without pitch control?!

  • admin

    I observe both the complete lack of pitch control and poor cueing — among many, many other problems.

    There are free DJ apps for Mac and Windows that are more fun to DJ with. Hook up a piece of cross-fader hardware for about $100 and invite your friends over. 😉

  • Guest

    Numark's just making a little quick cash off the Apple crazies. These gullible trust-fund kids will buy any white plastic piece of junk you set in front of them. I chuckled when I read, "with a little practice advanced users will be able to mix two tunes together beatmatching by ear". I don’t know anyone "advanced" enough to beat-match without pitch control.

  • Guest

    I found myself a little confused at the title of this post. Since when was it Vinyl's job to beat out the iPod? Maybe I'm confused as to what the current standard of DJ'ing media is right now, but I'm pretty sure it's not the iPod.

  • admin

    Sorry that wasn't clear. The iPod is absolutely the device with something to prove, and as I observe, DJing with iPods just isn't much fun. DJing with vinyl might be trickier for amateurs, but even novices enjoy that challenge right away.

  • rigel

    why do you insist on still posting blog entries about what has been universally reviled here in previous posts?

  • admin

    Universally reviled — sure. Based on something that was only on paper. Now I've actually gotten to handle the object of hatred and find out how it works objectively. Which was, admittedly, what everyone predicted. But I think it's worth seeing concrete, solid evidence.

    Anyway, we shouldn't be hear talking about this — we should be watching that awesome film strip again. 😉


  • is it real ?