The XP10 is a controller for digital DJs, with a “high precision” wheel for cueing and scratching similar to those found on many scratchable DJ CD players. Coupled with the included Bison software for your computer, it can act as a DJ mixer for MP3s, with OGG support in the works. (Currently, the software only runs on Windows, but Mac compatibility is planned.) It’s also a high-quality audio interface, with a 105dB signal-to-noise ratio.

XP10 Digital DJ Controller + Sound card + Software

Why should you care? For starters, we’ve got some glowing endorsements from a reader, Ludovic Llorca. But better yet, the creator is working on a MIDI driver, meaning this could be a perfect controller for VJing and other applications, as well. Retail: 330 EURO (not bad at all, particularly if the feel is as good as promised). That could fill a niche for mid-range controllers, an area that’s currently pretty quiet. Ludovic’s comments on testing the device plus a grab from the software, after the jump.

Ludovic Llorca writes us:

I’m DJ and I’ve been testing for a couple of months a new product called the XP10. It’s a controller + soundcard for digital DJs. For the moment, it’s only working with Bison (the free MP3 player that comes with the hardware) but MIDI drivers will be released this month, so you can use it with Traktor, MixVibes, etc. The Bison software is still a beta but the 0.9 version will be released this month, as well, with a time stretch option.

I really want people to know this thing; I fell in love with it as soon as i got my hands on it. The feeling is very similar to the Pioneer CDJ touch, and the scratch wheel is amazing. It behaves like a CD player. You have to buy and connect 2 XP10s to your computer if you want to DJ. The Bison software plays MP3 files (any bitrate), and the sound is excellent.

. . .

It was invented by a Finnish guy (I’ve been told he used to work for NOKIA), who finally started his own company “EKS” to manufacture his baby, and it’s distributed by a French company called “R-Digital”, build by a very young guy.

I want to add that, even though Bison looks very simple, I find it more intuitive and clear than all the others software. You don’t even need a mouse to choose the tracks, as you can do it with the controllers.

Feels like a Phillips CDJ, but costs EUR300 and supports MIDI? Where can I sign up again?

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    Phillips CDJ? 😀
    Oh, btw.. Finland, yay!

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    Looks good …

    small price for a good produt (tactical, midi…) What's wrong over there ? :roll

    will give it a try

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    i use them since february in a professional surrounding. perfect!

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    🙂 I marco fedez, im spanish, and i use it too! im in love with it too!! and im waiting for the new bison to marry him!

    1st impression wont amaze u, try it for a couple of hours and u wont want to use anything else!! 😉 greetings to r digital!

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    This looks fantastic! Is there a U.S. or Canadian distributor?

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    I'm Italian and I would like to get 2 controllers for a reasonable price.. Where can I get them?

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    I and my DJ's currrently are using these babies in the Copacabana nightclub, in the Grand Hyatt, Muscat, Oman. They have been operation ever since they released and have never skipped a beat. The audio card supplies beautiful crisp clear sound better than any I have used. It's stability on pitch control, when mixing is much better than anything out there on a computer. The software itself is very good but could do with more facilities which hopefully we will get with the next version. Don't be scared grab and use it and you will not regret it.

  • bison + mac = me buying two xp10's

  • I can't wait, I have 2 xp10's on the way!!!

  • Dj-Lo

    where can i buy a xp10 controller for my virtual dj software,,,,,i've being trying to order 2 for the pass months at the virtualdj website and can't…….

    hook me someone

  • Jeff

    Price has to come down before they sell in the US.

  • .:Bytension:.

    Hi there!

    I,m form Spain too (Hi Marco! 🙂 See you on Mallorca?) and i must say:

    1 – XP10 Rocks. I ever used my MK-II turnz and hated all CDJs i touched. But XP10…. are the right way for serious digital Djing

    2- DJ-Lo. You can find the XP10 (Retail version, not that f***ed version with the VirtualDJ logo inside the platters) on different resellers around tha world. Simply follow this link "" and point to the Resellers section. I hope you will find some near of you.


  • Stean

    Dj-L: XP10 homepage is Try to order there.

  • Uncle Teddy

    how can i get xp10

  • andrain williams

    looks good where can i get one to buy?

  • bbd

    They are pretty good but i had audio drop-out & chirping when i first used em. This is apparently something to do with my laptopps BIOS and it is needing an update. The sound quality is top notch for a midi controller.

    I love em. very silmilar feel to most cdjs these days but half the size and a 5th of the weight!

    i use them in a club environment and they are the bomb!!!

    never let me down.

  • Domnique

    Its very important to me. I want to know everything that i need before i buy it. What do i need to connect it. Does it works well with VDJ? What mixer should i use?

    Would i be able to hear deck A in my headphones if deck B is playing?