Music Luggage: Moog Gig Bag

The life of a mobile musician one can be a trying one: you always wind up with a few extra pieces of gear that don’t quite fit in your bags. That’s why, even if you don’t own any Moog gear, the new Moog multi-purpose gig looks promising. Thick foam dividers and shell keep your musical […]

Take My Breath Away: Waves Vocal Effects Bundle

Waves, the people behind some highly-respected, extremely high-end audio processing effects, have turned their attention to singers. The new Vocal Bundle includes some old favorites, plus relatively new automatic tuning and pitch correction and breath removal plugins. The bundle includes: Tune Automatic pitch correction and “melody transformation.” (also available separately for US$600 list) DeBreath Breath […]

Peter Kirn - November 22, 2005

Miniature Studios: Gear Lust Meets Toys ‘R Us

Music thing, you’ve got us beat on this one. Our friend Tom Whitwell has gone completely crazy for miniature synthesizer toys. I’m almost scared to look at your site for fear of what freakishly detailed toy synth setup will appear next, Tom. I’ve got nothing on this, so let’s just look at CDM’s toy moments […]

Peter Kirn - November 22, 2005

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