Reports keep coming in (along with several from readers): the next-generation Wi-Fi remake of the vintage Nintendo game system looks like a complete flop. Too bad: the idea itself, adding on features like wireless control, was appealing. But some of you are probably savvy enough to hack your own 2.4G wireless into the original.

Of course, all you really need is a vintage NES and a copy of Midines. Anyone out there got this setup? Send photos, music, reports, whatever. (I’m sticking to the more-portable Game Boy. Oh, yeah — and my Mac and PC, when I want some “vintage” 16-bit sound.)

  • atomic_afro

    That's what us Lo-Fi heads REALLY want in a neo-vintage box. If a company could recreate the SID (as the original chips are getting a bit hard to find) and slap it into a C64/MIDI SID box, that would be killer! Sure SIDstations are nice, but they don't play C64 games.

    Atari computer (with old-skool Cubase!) remakes would be sweet as well.

    NESs are easy to find, and really didn't need to be remade. I would have been more interested in rarer systems like the above or something like the Sega Master system (Space Harrier baby, yea!)


  • Guest

    Surely a midi controllable virtual SID should be hackable from the C64 30-in-one joystick here. It has been designed to be hacked – it includes solder points to attach keyboard etc when you rip it apart!