To cap off today’s Korg Love Fest, let’s take a moment to remember gear of yesteryear . . . meaning, of course, just a few short years ago. Sure, the latest-and-greatest is always lovely, but I love the fact that Dan Phillips from Korg has an extensive site devoted to the Korg Wavestation (Dan’s photo below), OASYS PCI, and DP patch lists for gems from the Eventide DSP7000 to the Line6 Pod to the tc Fireworx. (I like Dan’s taste in gear.) And why not treat these like real musical instruments instead of just toys to show off. Real instruments take time.

Everything old isn’t always new again — David Battino wondered, rightfully so I think, if anyone really needs a Korg M1 plugin. Yet, there’s something comforting in the knowledge that choice of tools really doesn’t matter when you’re happy making music. And low-budget tools can indeed be had.

Now, does anyone know where I could pick up a used OASYS PCI?

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  • Guest

    they go for $200-300 on ebay.
    make sure you get all the break out cables – they are custom and hard to find.

  • Guest

    u can have mine $150…all the cables intact….has lived inside a mac g3 os 9….
    if interested email me at

  • Guest

    You know, I'd love a cheapass M1 emulation. You just watch, in 10 years people will be tired of 256-bit 384Khz digital audio and will want to recapture the "cold, harsh" digital sound. 😉

  • Guest

    Oh, I’m sure of it. As Mark Ethier of Izotope said after reading my blog, “One man’s Trash is another man’s treasure.” That’s a large part of the attraction behind glitch and chiptunes, right?

    I do think it would be cool if the software M1 could load and play old M1 sequence files. I’ve got tons of half-realized ideas I’d love to transfer to the computer and develop. Probably simpler to sample them and make loops, though….

    —David Battino