FaLaLaLaLa.com is a site dedicated to “Preserving Memories of Christmas Vinyl Past.” It’s a vintage holiday galore, with album art, music downloads, and lots of notes for albums like Christmas with the Big Ben Banjo Band and the Rock ‘n Rhodes Christmas by The Rhodes Kids. (Not ringing any bells, so to speak?)

Best, by far, is Switched On Santa by Sy Mann. (I seriously doubt Wendy Carlos signed off on this one.) It’s a lineup of Christmas tunes rendered on the Moog synth, and it’s even got legendary synth composer Jean Jacques Perrey on the cover wearing a Santa suit. From the liner notes:

In this album Sy takes the Moog Synthesizer and creates today’s
electronic Christmas tree out of this new musical wonder. The
Moog, a strange machine of lights, cords, inputs and outputs
enters the festive world of the merriest season of all. It’s a
wonderful gift for today’s caroleers. Sy Mann giftwraps all your
Christmas favorites in the most exciting musical sound, and puts
them under your glittering tree. Gift tagged to read “Merry
Christmas from The Moog!”

Mix yourself a Tequila-based Christmas cocktail, put on your red velvet smoking jacket, and have a listen to Tijuana Christmas. FaLaLaLaLa promises to post a special album download on Christmas Day for even more cheer.

All this too Christmas-y for you? Totally unrelated to any holiday (well, unless you want to make one up for the occasion): Jean Jacques Perrey’s typically zany Baroque Hoedown. [MP3 Link] Sound familiar? Yep, that’s the music from Disney’s Electric Light Parade.

  • rozling

    I still haven't got round to hearing this Christmas stuff but thanks for linking Baroque Hoedown… They Might Be Giants' version has been part of my required daily listening since I first heard it 'couple months ago and I highly recommend it!


    I have this album, i bought it many years ago. i have been looking for it in cd form. is it made on cd, if so, where can i purchase it

    this is my favorite album


  • paskunia

    It came out around 1970, and my brother and I played it every holiday season. It certainly was a more original take on the old holiday favorites than Mitch Miller and the Gang. Plus, it had some original songs that were not out of place with the chestnuts. It is worth seeking out, since there was nothing like it at the time, ie, an album of Christmas songs played on a synthesizer.

  • Mark P.

    My parents had the album, is it available on CD anywhere? If anyone knows please contact me. Thanks