Gijs Geikes has been hard at work since we last saw his latest bizarre Walkman Tape Player / Game Boy Sequencer. A new model sync with the Little Sound Dj cartridge: plug in a Game Boy, and other goodies (like a Walkman tape player and Stylophone keyboard), and you can create wild, screaming patterns like this. (A must-listen, experimental punk/hip-hop chiptune creation.)

Gijs has schematics up, so adventurous makers, you can make your own. Or you can just go buy one of those nifty Stylphones.

SEQ05 Pictures, Sounds, Schematics [ Instruments]

Updated: That link exceeded its bandwidth restrictions, but you can hear the sounds via a new link! (Thanks, Gijs!)
Gameboy Music with LSDJ: Workshops, Tips, Photos, MP3s

  • dalasv

    Haha! This is so funny. I just recently started reading this blog and now you've posted a project of a friend of mine. Small web after all!

  • atomic_afro

    Too bad, I wanted to check it out myself. I guess everyone jumping on it was just too much, so I got a 509…

    Bummer 😡